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Someone Will Shoot the WBC

Filed By Alex Blaze | March 04, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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"You have too many soldiers and Marines coming back with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and they (the Westboro protesters) are going to go to the wrong funeral and the guns are going to go off.

And when it does. I just hope it doesn't hit the mother that's burying her child or the little girl that's burying her father or mother. It's inevitable."

--Albert Snyder, who lost to the WBC at the Supreme Court this week

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Encouraging this sort of violence is disgusting, especially in light of the Arizona shootings.

WBC may be disgusting scum of the earth trolls, but nobody should be silenced because of their views. It's part of the price we all pay for the freedom to be who we are.

Snyder's comment is just appalling.

your reply is more appauling... I would laugh and laugh and laugh and be happy for a long time if all the wbc scum got gunned down... they all deserve to die! I want freedom of speech and i also want the freedom kill scumbags! if they can kill me back then so be it! but that wont bring them back!!!! I think the next person that decides they are going to commit suicide should kill the WBC for us first! Freedom of speech should be allowed but if you piss the wrong people off with it and you get shot in the face it should be your own damn fault! FUCK THE WBC! I hope someone has the balls some day to slaughter them filthy pigs!

leapinleopard | March 5, 2011 3:23 AM

methinks Mr. Snyder is simply making a rather lucid commentary about the sad state of affairs in the US today, and noting that someone may in fact go crazy and go off on these WBC idiots. It doesn't seem to be encouraging or condoning violence, simply observing that the possibility is there.

Gene Brown | March 5, 2011 3:50 AM

You make it sound like he's endorsing the WBC crowd getting shot. Maybe he said something else that was left out that put it in that context, but I don't see that here. Read the quote again. He's just making a prediction.

For this particular bunch of people, however, I'd be the first to endorse the idea.