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Sources: Lady Gaga Backs Out of Exclusive Target Deal

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Metro Weekly and The Advocate are reporting that the Lady Gaga's lady-gaga.jpgexclusive distribution deal with Target has been called off. There hasn't been an official announcement, yet, but that's what several people involved in marketing have said. Target apparently hasn't been notified of this change, so I wouldn't be so certain yet.

But if the deal did fall apart, it's a good result. Not only is Target a business that thinks it's perfectly fine to dump trucks full of money into elections to get politicians elected who'll cut funding for schools and kick people out of their homes and into the street so disgustingly rich Target execs can get a tax break, it was a bitter sort of irony that a corporation that couldn't give two shits about the LGBT positions of the politicians they were supporting was getting an exclusive deal to distribute a song Lady Gaga's been hyping as a "gay anthem."

The deal with Target was for pre-orders of the album to get a song free and bonus tracks on the album, and the pre-order period is halfway over, but no one has reported what this news means for people who pre-ordered the album through Target.

Also, a note to straight media: Target's "new policy" on political contributions is the same as their old policy, plus an advisory board. They've even been donating to anti-gay politicians after they caught flack for the first round of donations. This issue isn't resolved and won't be until Target stops all political contributions.

Democracy shouldn't be for sale, not even for Lady Gaga bonus tracks.

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I haven't shopped at Target since news of their anti-gay contributions surfaced months ago. I used to spend thousands of dollars there each year, but no more! I realize my boycott won't sink the company, but it's a (small) start.

The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. :-)

Democracy shouldn't be for sale, not even for Lady Gaga bonus tracks.

Amen, brother!

One will note that Ricky Martin hasn't pulled out of his deal with Target...

Did the deal fall apart because of ideological issues between LG and Target (such as: she opposed their giving donations, which I think is highly unlikely) or for some financial reason (one or both parties could not agree to the terms of the deal)?

The advocate's anonymous source claims it was ideological:

A source close to Lady Gaga confirms to The Advocate that the entertainer has dissolved her deal with Target over the chain's controversial political donations. "She and Target didn't see eye to eye on Target's policy of political donations and how they affect the LGBT community," the source tells The Advocate exclusively.

I just think it is VERY disingenuine of her to:
run to Billboard, boast about how she was going to help make Taget "reform" its ways, read that she was still being criticized and then nix the deal to save her likability.

I got the MetroWeekly article from this interesting Tumblr site called Gays Against Gaga. They're not
against her personally, just her phony Hollywood veneer of the "equality crusader" role.

They make a good point:
"Of course, this change never would have happened if people weren’t making noise about it all over the internet. We knew it was wrong for a pop star marketing herself as a pro-tolerance hero to team up with anti-gay corporations. After all her tired excuses and rationales, finally even Gaga had to concede that we were right all along....But don’t worry, we’re still gonna keep up the pressure. Those 'Born This Way' lyrics didn’t suddenly get less racially insensitive if Target’s not selling a special edition."

She still seems perfectly fine with using racially insensitive terms like "chola" and "orient-made"

And she also is apparently fine with working for and surrounding herself with people who are known to exploit women, such as photographer Terry Richardson

Just thought I'd point those little factoids out as well.