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#SSS: Maryland, Harvard & the ROTC, Westboro and More!

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At the very last moment of today's round table somebody moves me emotionally very unexpectedly - despite our disagreement. We'll get to that later though...

Same Sex SundayThat is only one of numerous incredible moments on this week's SameSexSunday. Poor Joe is out this week sick with flu and fever, trying to recover before our trip out of town next week with the nation's top LGBTQ bloggers. He left me to fend for myself today among the restless guests (though thankfully I have a little help staying organized during the conversation from friend of the show John Sagehorn). I think the result, however, turns out quite pleasing.

Get the whole truth and nothing but on all things Maryland marriage with our incredible panel - who is switching sides, what has been happening in this three-ring circus, and are we still on track to win? Before that, however, an exclusive debate between OutServe's Director, JD Smith and President of Transgender American Veterans Association, Monica Helms over Harvard's move to welcome the Reserve Officers Training Corps back to campus (despite the fact that 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is still in effect). Our panel also takes this topic up, as well as the Supreme Court's decision in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church's controversial funeral protests, and the possibility of passing a gender-identity employment non-discriminaton bill in Maryland now that marriage is going first.

Check out our experts and have a listen after the jump.

Joining us this week on an incredible round table are:

After we finished discussing marriage in Maryland, how to be sure we don't forget about the trans community this time around, and Harvard's ROTC decision, Mr. Barron surprised me with his response to my question about the Supreme Court's decision upholding the Phelps' clan claim that their funeral protests are protected speech, and gave an eloquent and even moving response. Make sure you listen until the end of this week's show to hear it!

Let's all wish Joe to "get well soon" on the SameSexSunday Facebook page. I also need to let you know that next week's episode will be all interviews as Joe and I will be convening at a national blogger summit with some of the top new media leaders of the LGBTQ community. Expect a lot of good information to come back from that experience. When we return on March 20th, who would you like to see us have on the round table, or interview as a guest? Let us know.

If you haven't followed us on Twitter, please do so, and make sure you mention us this week--I will be watching! Thanks again to John Sagehorn for helping out in the production department as we worked to get this episode up and running, and tell your friends about our iTunes page!

Until next time, until we are equal!

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i did not catch the show, but i have to tell you that i support phelps on this one.

as disgusting as those folks are to me, the first amendment is the first amendment, and that means if the klan wants to march, they can march, and so can this sad little crew.

here's the good news: phelps is doing more good for lbgt rights than he could ever realize, and that's the beauty of the first amendment: you get to put your crazy-ass ideas out there...but we get to see them for what they really are, and most of the time, that gets us a long way to making the problem go away.

eventually we hope he'll be gang-raped in a biker bar owned by jesus christ himself, of course, or something equally cool, just as we hope the nazis will eventually have to move to a town where everyone else is jewish...and really pissed at the new neighbors...but between now and then, freedom of speech has served us pretty well, even when the immediate results are fairly repugnant.

Another great episode from the SSS crew!

Interesting that Mr Carrington at the end made the comment about how some states are celebrating Civil Unions, but that would be considered a second class status to the GLbs in MD.. just after defending EQMD's support for a bill that will continue to place trans people in danger. Also telling is that he never really did address Ms. Cronk's statement that EQMD and other sate GLB groups need to give activists actionable plans on how to remedy the status of trans rights.

Phil, you were completely correct when you sad (effectively) that after NY and MA etc etc etc that GLB organizations really do have issues with trans people trusting them.

Stonewall Girl Stonewall Girl | March 7, 2011 10:50 PM

How come you do not have a transgender person on the panel when you are talking about adding "gender identity" to a state non discrimination law?

Is it different than having a panel of white people talk about moving black civil rights in a legislature. Did you have any people with success in moving transgender civil rights legislation?

Is this what people refer as Gay inc?

Or is it that you had your one transperson speaking on another topic and another transperson on the show would exceed some kind of quota? I don't "get it"!