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The Rebecca Juro Show with HRC Press Secretary Michael Cole-Schwartz

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On tonight's show we welcome Human Rights Campaign Press Secretary Michael Cole-Schwartz. We'll talk with Michael about HRC's advocacy of LGBT rights, where they are now and where they're going.

There's been a lot of discussion about HRC's past and their history with the trans and grassroots communities, but on this show we're going to talk about the future. Can HRC and the trans and grassroots activist communities ever work together effectively or is that no longer possible? Where is HRC on ENDA now and what can we expect to see from them on the effort in the future? What's the most urgent goal now in the post-DADT era? ENDA? DOMA? Something else? We'll explore those questions and more tonight!

It's the Rebecca Juro Show, 7-9pm Eastern! Be there or you'll miss good stuff!

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brandigirl | March 24, 2011 5:15 PM

Why should we be there just so we can hear them spin the same old record about how they're doing more for trans community and how their doing more to be inclusive when they really aren't doing anything more or new or different, except maybe running by the cleaners to pick up their tux.

Knowing what they're saying, even if they've been saying it for a long time, is useful because it tells you where they are now and what their messaging currently is. The truth is that Michael Cole-Schwartz really didn't offer a lot of new information and his answers to most of my questions avoided specifics, but we did learn a few things. Also interesting was the post-interview breakdown Ethan St. Pierre and I did afterward.

Oh and here's one little tidbit for ya: Michael told us that HRC did not pressure the Democrats to put ENDA after DADT, which is almost directly contrary to what Dana Beyer told us during an interview on the show a few weeks ago (she refused to name HRC directly but did say it was "Gay, Inc. activists" who were responsible). Take from that what you will.

They were taking quite a bit of shit in the day for putting ENDA ahead of DADT originally. No one seems to remember that part of history.

Anyone of trans history or trans anything that has anything to do with HRC deserves what happens.

They have not changed since I first exposed them back in 1997 as totally anti trans anything,

in other words, how can you tell if someone from HRC talking about anything trans is lying? Their lips are moving.