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Updates: Immigration Hold Lifted, Indiana Senate Passes Marriage Amendment

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Earlier this week Metro Weekly reported that a spokeperson for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said that deportation cases involving foreigners with American same-sex spouses were put on hold. It turns out he spoke to soon:

passports.jpgWednesday morning USCIS press secretary Christopher S. Bentley told The Advocate that the agency had received legal guidance to lift the hold it had issued Monday. The guidance was issued in the form of written communications from the Office of the General Counsel at Department of Homeland Security (USCIS is a component of DHS).

Bentley declined to release any of the written documents at this time, saying it was privileged communication. He emphasized that the official policy itself within DHS had never changed.

"The cases were held while we were waiting for legal guidance," Bentley said. "There's no need to hold the cases any longer."

In unrelated news, I posted about a protest at the Indiana senate earlier this week against an amendment to ban same-sex marriage. That amendment passed yesterday, 40-10. If the legislature passes it again in 2013, the public will vote on it in 2014. (img flickr)

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In the quiet and order of an empty chamber they voted. In the stroke of their pen they they begin to make life illegal.

I exist, I love. I am a threat to society and government. My crime existence. My deviance, love.

In the stroke of a pen I am now a dissident in my own state. Yes a dissident because I refuse to allow be silent and allow hate.

I am Human, my voice, my rights, and my life are not subjects for any government to privilege or deny.

This update sucked. It was all bad news!!

Haha. Welcome to my world, Bil.