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Video: A Quick Chat with Wilson Cruz

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Living in New York City, you see a lot of celebrities walking around. More often than not, it's difficult to recognize them. When I attended the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City on Saturday, March 19, I thought I would be star struck when I saw Ricky Martin or Tina Fey but I wasn't. Wilson Cruz.jpgI didn't feel anything.

Don't get me wrong, they're great people but I just didn't have the response I thought I would.

My heart started to rush with excitement when I saw Wilson Cruz making his way down the blue (not red) carpet before the media show. Wilson Cruz starred as Rickie Vasquez in the teen melodrama of my time, 'My So Called Life.' Wilson's character was the first openly gay television character that I was ever aware of and that I could relate to. The show ran from 1994 - 1995, which was also the same time that I came out to my family.

Wilson's character served as a friend to me. I know that sounds strange, but when LGBT youth feel unaccepted, which I did at the time, they cling to other things like the media. Through the show, I was able to believe, at fourteen, that there were other gay people out there besides myself. When you're young and you feel alone and isolated, it's hard to comprehend that there's something beyond yourself.

Wilson made it down to my section of the blue carpet for our interview. I warn you now, I was nervous and panicked on what to say. I had two things running through my mind at the time, the first was that I had to interview him and the second, I wanted to thank him personally for being a role model for me in my youth. Luckily, I was able to do both things. I apologize for the camera being so shaky. I had to fight the urge to jump over the rope and give him a hug.

(You can read my coming out story here.)

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He's totaly cute. I'm surprised I haven't run into him sooner...I'm bound to see him more now. This is usually what happens with these things. You see someone once, then you start seeing them all the time.

He is sooo inspirational and AWESOME! I would love to meet him someday. I loved him in Noah's Arc and Coffee Date. : )

Wilson Cruz is a decent actor.