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Charlie's 'Torpedo of Truth' Sinks... Charlie Sheen

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When exploiting his Goddesses by opening the show with a lesbian make-out session is the least offensive thing Charlie Sheen does in his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour, you know you're witnessing a meltdown of the highest order.

Charlie's peculiar, fickle legion of fans turned on him only 20 minutes into the show, booing and calling out "loser," and leaving in droves before the 80-minute "performance" was even half over. Reviews of the show's Detroit opening have been a slaughterhouse.

We have an expression in recovery circles known as "self-will run riot." It applies to those, new to recovery, who insist on doing things their own way (as if this tactic has served them admirably until now), with increasingly disastrous results. The riot going on in Charlie Sheen is of Rodney King proportions. Who exactly will pay $70 per seat to keep watching it, however, is now clearly in doubt.

Charlie's life may be a train wreck, but it's a gravy train folks, and there are dozens of enabling losers around him willing to ride it off the rails. And I'm finding it very hard to be entertained.

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Well, just watching the few interviews given in the past few weeks its painfully obvious that his 'entourage' is a pack of hyenas who are enablers who don't care for Mr. Sheen one iota, but are more than glad that there's an open wallet, a table full of drugs and alcohol and someone who's blind to the fact that the world doesn't not circle his brown eye.

I actually have enjoyed his screen presence and the roles he has done...but he's an actor. In a few short months, he'll be bankrupt, homeless and....well.... down hill from there quickly.

Mark, I agree with everything you've said, to which I'll add that every person who bought a ticket to this train wreck is also an enabler. After all, Sheen isn't a comedian or singer, so what kind of show other than one of his wacko rants could he have possibly delivered? And that's what people were expecting.

Which begs the question: why did you provide a link to buy tickets?

I know, I guess I felt it was the responsible thing to do -- linking to the event I was writing about. If someone is moved to purchase a ticket after reading this, God bless 'em. I actually wanted to link to Narcotics Anonymous too, but decided that was a bit too evangelical! ;]

I don't think you owe the event organizers free promotion just because you wrote about it. And I would consider it a public service announcement to plug NA as opposed to evangelizing.

How much of it do you think is mental illness vs drug addiction?

It's mental illness as a result of drug addiction, in my opinion. Some people never really are the same again. Since it isn't clear whether or not Charlie is clean, it's hard to know how much of his sanity he'll eventually get back.

I've heard Dr. Drew say essentially the same thing. He also said that when an addict first stops using, that he enters a state of a euphoric mania, with illusions of grandeur. But that eventually that crashes down, and then they either go back to using or die from having self-destructed.

I, for one, wish everyone would just ignore him until he's shipped off to jail, where he belongs. Of course, neither of those things is going to happen, because if there's one thing you can count on in America, it's that famous white men who beat their wives and kids won't be held accountable.

To be fair, Sheen has never been accused of beating his kids. And the charge of abuse against his wife was somewhat dodgey.

Just to be clear - are you advocating that he should go to jail because he's an addict?

No, just for the abuse, which while 'flimsy' in some cases, is less so in other, such as the fiance he 'accidentally' shot.

Brad Bailey | April 3, 2011 10:35 PM

If Charlie Sheen wants to do lots of drugs, that's his choice. He's a grown man. If he wants to get help, that's his choice too. I refuse to look down my nose at him solely because on his drug use or his disdain of 12-step programs.

NA is just another one-size-fits-all 12-step program where everybody dances around the fact that it promotes religion, i.e. "god." People can become just as addicted to meetings as they can to drugs and isolate just as much from the world as a result.

Following the link it seems like they were more mad that Sheen wasn't on stage than they were mad that he was. I can't believe so many people would buy tickets to go see that.

It is nice to see the negative response, but before we heap too much praise on the people who heckled and walked out on the show...
they're still people who decided in the first place to give him their money and show up at all.
I'd say it falls more into the category of 'better late than never'.

This audience should have known what they were getting. Like drugs, they got what they paid for. By saying "should have known", I'm not putting the responsibility on the promoters. No, I'm putting the responsibility on the audience. This falls into the category of "buyer beware" and "read the warning label".

To Charlie's credit, he has shown people what it's like and he's alive. To his discredit, he hasn't quite shown enough of what coming down is really like. Drugs can indeed create some memorable experiences but those are perks, not bread and butter and they can be passed over if one doesn't want the hangover. I'm glad I never went beyond my "psychonaut" stage myself. I think the point something becomes a daily ritual is the point when when the drug controls you and not the other way around. Not everyone has the gift of knowing when to back off. It really can be Russian roulette.