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Delaware Legislature Okays Civil Unions

Filed By Bil Browning | April 15, 2011 11:00 AM | comments

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While states like Indiana and North Carolina are fighting constitutional amendments to ban any form of relationship recognition for gay and lesbian couples, another north eastern state has stepped forward to treat us like 270px-Map_of_USA_DE.svg.pngalmost-equals as Delaware's legislature okays civil unions.

The Delaware House of Representatives gave final approval Thursday evening to a civil unions bill that will provide same-sex couples with all of the rights and benefits of marriage under state law.

The House voted 26-15 in favor of the measure. The Delaware Senate voted 13-6 to approve the bill on April 7, and the state's governor, Democrat Jack A. Markell, has said he plans to sign it

How long do you think it will be before they pass actual marriage equality instead of civil unions?

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Great news about Delaware, but it's not even close to New England. You may want to revise that...

You are correct. (Although I had to go to Wikipedia to confirm it; I always thought Delaware was included as part of New England!)

I've changed it to read "another north eastern state" instead.

Thanks, Jacob! I learned something new today. I dunno why I thought Delaware was part of New England.

I think the region you're looking for is Mid-Atlantic. Of which your new home town is a part. ( )

I don't like pissing on a good thing... but I seem to be doing it lately. While it is a nice thing that CU advanced in the state, they don't even have the most basic protections for trans people. There is no coverage of gender identity in DE's hate crimes law, much less job/housing/public accommodations. There also isn't any mention of work even being done on trans issues on Equality Delaware's site (unless I missed it) except for the vague policy statement.

Given the track record for the GLB on trans issues after relationship recognition, it really sours what should be a celebratory moment. It also tends to confirm many of my misgiving about the LGBT lately.. but.. congratulations DE.. I guess.

Next issue - Marriage Equality in Delaware, and in every other state of the union!

Then there'll be enough resources to deal with less pressing issues.

We just have to be patient.

Why would anyone care about getting married if they have to worry about retaining employment, or housing? It really bothers me when people put marriage or unions first, or when they think it's the only issue out there.

LGB people have protections in (roughly) 40% of the jurisdictions in this country, plus a number of cities and towns beyond that. Nationwide, transgender people are discriminated against numerous times daily in housing, employment, and public accommodations. We need to ramp it up - either on the national or local levels - and get protections for transgender people overall, and LGB in employment and housing elsewhere. These should be no-brainers.

In the last few months, I - personally - helped two transgender friends find housing or drove them and their belongings around when they had to "get out." And I live in Massachusetts, whom one person I know recently dubbed "the gayest place in the country." It's not all that great, folks. Let's get some perspective, okay?

These days, culturally "the northeast" extends as far as the NC Triangle it seems (see: 2008 election).

As for a real shift towards SSM ... after January 2013, if the R's fixation on social issues demonstrably (enough for fraidy cat Dem pols) shows the issue to be not-so-toxic.