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'Gay' Skeleton Found in Czech Republic

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Ignoring the fact that the Mail chooses to call hir a "gay man" even though we know nothing about hir sexual preferences, this is interesting:

gay-skeleton.jpgDuring that period, men were traditionally buried lying on their right side with the head pointing towards the west; women on their left side with the head facing east.

In this case, the man was on his left side with his head facing west. Another clue is that men tended to be interred with weapons, hammers and flint knives as well as several portions of food and drink to accompany them to the other side.

Women would be buried with necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as domestic jugs and an egg-shaped pot placed near the feet.

The 'gay caveman' was buried with household jugs, and no weapons.

There are lots of theories about how this person lived hir life. Ze could have been a gay man who preferred domestic activities, a trans woman who was totally accepted as a woman because this was before people put too much stock in what a nurse writes on a birth certificate at birth, an intersex person with a female body but male skeleton....

Or maybe the Young Earth Creationists are right and this skeleton isn't really that old because carbon-dating is bunk and was just some dude from the 19th century who really liked household jugs. img flickr

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I love all the uber snarky comments I've seen wherever this story appears. Heaven forfend gay or trans people should have been around and recognized as such 5,000 years ago.

dharmapupil | April 7, 2011 1:29 AM

No kidding!
I hadn't expected posting this article to be such a good means to flush out non-'allies' among my FB 'friends'.

When ever the Gay INC can make the news they use it to their advantage despite the facts. Like with the murder of PFC Barry Winchell saying he was murdered for being gay.. Cause of his girlfriend being Calpernia Adams..

I am kinda sick of the co-opting they do.. This clan/tribe thought enough of this person to bury them as female by god we should be honoring their knowledge of this person.. But NOO INSTEAD THEY have to Co op it for their own propaganda machine.

Sick of it !

Or... As Alex points out, we know absolutely nothing about the skeleton. Not gender, not orientation, not gender identity.

Your claim that anything is being co-opted is ludicrous and just as ridiculous as those claiming the long dead person is gay. No one knows.

Not even you.

Gay Inc didn't have anything to do with this discovery.

There is zero evidence to suggest any possibility whatsoever that this person might have been gay; the evidence indicates that this person was intersex, transsexual, transgender, or some combination of all three. Suggesting that the person might have been gay instead of trans without the slightest shred of evidence that even hints that this may be so is absolutely inappropriate.

Seriously have either of you read source of this report ?

""""“We believe this is one of the earliest cases of what could be described as a ‘transsexual’ or ‘third gender grave’ in the Czech Republic,” archaeologist Kate?ina Semrádová told Czech Position. She said that archeologists have uncovered similar cases where men were buried as women and women as men dating from the much earlier Mesolithic period, when men hunted mammoths.""""""

This was the finders views it was the reporter who then added in the gay man in the below quote from the in the article .. but the people who found the bones said T... HUMMM ??? co op writers so embellish anymore they change the facts as they exist to fit what they want..

In there they state the following
""""Czech archaeologists have discovered what they are calling a “third gender grave” — a unique late Stone Age grave of a transsexual or gay man — dating from between 2500-2800 BC and the era of the so-called Corded Ware culture in the Czech Republic. Speculation about the sexual orientation of the buried man was sparked by the unorthodox positions in which his skeleton was found, in a society which was a real stickler for grave etiquette."""

But most importantly the society were this person lived out their life 5000 yrs ago so accepted them as a female they buried them as female ..and isn't that how we hope society will define T people these days as they wished to be presented. and how do they know that and thus call them T or third gender and not a man who would have been buried differently.

“From history and ethnology, we know that when a culture had strict burial rules they never made mistakes with these sort of things,” the head of the archaeological research team Kamila Remišová told journalists at a press conference about the finds on Tuesday.""""

This from the experts and not the writers .. Strict burial rules .. so yea Co-op by the G-INC.. just like they did with Calpernia's boy friend ..

I agree with Desiree... shame on you Alex. The title of this article is disqusting. Yet another way to promote the Gay agenda. Its sad that you don't use your platform for good, instead of propaghanda.