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House of Wind, Sir

Filed By Kate Clinton | April 19, 2011 8:30 AM | comments

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The King's Speech was the royal carpet-bombing to get subjects in the mood for the big same-old-sex nuptials between the prince and a commoner. A very wealthy commoner, but common nonetheless. DGJ_0731 - Pope Benedict XVIThe movie didn't do that for me, but my Irish heritage sometimes gets in the way of full-throated appreciation of English royalty.

The Royals' timing couldn't be worse. The big April 29th royal wedding is overshadowing the Papals' big May 1st Vatican happening. Is there no WE-Calendar syncing between the monarchy and the paparchy?

On May 1st Pope Bennythedict is fixing to preside over the beatification of Pope John Paul. Not to be confused with beautification: that's wild flowers, highway medians, Lady Bird Johnson. That's prettification. Beatification is putting Pope John Paul on the fast track to sainthood. Faster than Mother Teresa!

It was a promise then-Cardinal Ratzinger made shortly after the white smoke puffed out of the papal chimney and was certified not to be from Italian correspondent Sylvia Poggioli's cigarette.

Pope B might actually be grateful for the scheduling conflict. To be beatified, if I'm reading the beati-regs correctly, a saint-to-be must have performed a miracle. With all the international tsuris the church is having, Pope John's miracle of making the pedophilia scandal disappear might not be something to be beatified. (img src)

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Yeah, their "miracle" is that he was apparently "more lucid than normal" for a period of time during his descent into dementia.

Miracles really do come in the mundane, I guess, if we're redefining what the threshold of a miracle is.

The world would do well to ignore both events and royalty of all kinds, including the Hollywood variety. And, the old guy with the expensive shoes and the funny hat? How much of the world's misery is divine right responsible for? Isn't that what the wedding and all this hokey us poke us is all about? It's time Princes, princesses, and popes all become irrelevant. What century is this, anyway?

Robert W Pierce | April 19, 2011 2:40 PM

Edith, whether the world would do well to ignore the royal wedding or not is irrelevant. The fact is, many royal bashers in this country in particular will be among the millions worldwide watching this event. To the bashers I say, if you don't want to be labeled a hypocrite, then don't watch it and don't make any comments about it. Clearly they like you have no sense of history or tradition, let alone have any respect for other cultures' traditions. No wonder we're so hated around the world for our arrogance and dismissive behavior towards others.

I told a friend yesterday that I'd be glued to the tv during the royal wedding, but then he told me it started at 3am out time. Never mind.