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Jesus Formed a Republican Political Organization

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Bryan Fischer, lead nitwit at the American Family Association, wants everyone to know that Jesus formed a political organization because he wanted his disciples (and, therefore, all Christians)Tea Party tax day protest 2010 to be Republicans. Or something like that...

People pursue public office for one of two reasons, one contrary to the spirit of Christ, the other consistent with it. Some - perhaps most - pursue public office because they want to control other people. They see themselves as the smartest people in the room, the elite, people so smart that they believe they should make lifestyle choices for other people, for the benighted masses who are too stupid to make intelligent decisions for themselves. This, Jesus says, is how the "Gentiles" do it, but it is "not so with you."

Others - sadly, the great minority - pursue public office because they want to liberate people rather than control them. They want people free to make choices that affect their own lives without the interference of the overreaching hand of government. They want to free their constituents to engage in the God-given right to the "pursuit of happiness" without bureaucrats defining happiness for them. This is public service in the spirit of Christ.

With conservatives stepping into Americans' wombs, bedrooms, and relationships, apparently this makes Democrats "the great minority." That sounds about right. Even when they have a majority, they can't resist fucking everything up and acting like the minority party. (img src)

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I love that tax argument, as if the money people make just appears out of the sheer legitimacy of their work. Uncle Sam put his name on that money, so you'd think people would still remember that we only have a money-based economy because we have a government in the first place.

It is fair to argue the character of Jesus was political, but he was a bleeding heart liberal. He helped the poor, he was friendly with prostitutes and the ill. He believed in social welfare and opposed the powerful elite.

Could you imagine a Jesus back stabbing the underprivileged to support the oligarchs? "Give tax breaks to the billionaires and take away money that gives food to children. I am the lord and this is my wish." Yeah right.