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John Ensign's Karma

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John Ensign in 1998473px-Sen_John_Ensign_official(2).jpg:

"I came to that conclusion recently, and frankly it's because of what [Bill Clinton] put his whole Cabinet through and what he has put the country through," Ensign said Thursday, becoming the first member of the Nevada delegation to call for Clinton to quit. "He has no credibility left."

As an up-and-coming Republican, John Ensign came to the very serious conclusion that Bill Clinton needed to resign because he engaged in consensual sex with another adult. Obviously he thought long and hard about it, just like every other Republican and Joe Lieberman at the time who came to the same conclusion did.

And now, after getting caught in an affair of his own and subsequent Senate Ethics Committee investigation, he's resigning:

Senator John Ensign's departure from the Senate, after more than a year of insisting he would not resign but would fight to defend his name, almost certainly marks the end of his political career. But the embarrassing spectacle is not necessarily over for the Nevada Republican.

The Senate Ethics Committee will now have to decide if it wants to make public any of the evidence it turned up in a year and a half spent investigating the aftermath of an affair Mr. Ensign had with the wife of a former top aide, Douglas Hampton.

Technically, once Mr. Ensign formally resigns -- which is scheduled to take place on May 3--the Senate Ethics Committee can no longer take disciplinary action against him, and it must wrap up its investigation. But nothing prevents the committee from deciding to release a statement of some kind that details what it has found. It also could still refer the matter to the Department of Justice.

I don't know what the committee found, and maybe there's something truly scandalous there (there was a $96,000 payment made by Ensign's parents to the husband of the woman Ensign had the affair with).

Since he resigned, one would think that they found something pretty serious behind that affair, the job Ensign got for his lover's husband, and the $96,000, and it seems like we're going to find out soon enough anyway. Even though I doubt this is the first unethical thing the man has done, it's interesting that it started with an affair and the media scrutiny that surrounds that, which is something he so maturely and uprightly decided required resignation a decade ago.

John Ensign is a member of the Promise Keepers, a misogynist organization, and the Family, a secretive group of powerful Christians best known for promoting homophobia in Africa. He also voted for DADT repeal. The Republican governor of Nevada will appoint a replacement.

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Rick Sutton | April 22, 2011 12:16 PM

The Nevada buzz about his replacement: Sharon Angle. Who narrowly lost to Majority Leader Reid last fall. So the neocons still win. A Congressional whackjob bookend to Rep. Bachman.

As for his Clintonesque withdrawl from the stage: his comparison rings hollow. I'm still not over Bill Clinton's selfish compulsive behavior, which could've done serious damage to one of the Democratic Party's most-important civil rights platforms: workplace rights. He used an intern in the Oval Office; in less polite society, it's been said he turned an intern into a humidor. Complete with a littleblack dress as evidence. Ewww. The visuals are, uh, never mind.

In one fell swoop, Bill Clinton could've set-back jobplace protections by decades. Luckily, the intern didn't sue for sexual harrassment. America seems to have forgiven Mr. Clinton. His international diplomatic skills have been honed. His reputation is apparently mended. He has become a globe-trotting world citizen. With a huge fan club.

Not so Sen. Ensign. He dragged-out his denial over a year. And unlike Clinton, he made outrageous public statements about moral issues, while his morals were being reviewed by the Ethics folks.

And those Ethics reports ouoght to be made public. At least, the ones that aren't going to be referred to a US Attorney for possible prosecution. Our tax money paid for those reports.

Maybe he'll open a lobbying firm with Larry Craig, who parlayed personal indiscretions into near-constant denials and almost 18 months of his remaining Senate term.

Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt.

Craig & Ensign Lobbying Co. Perfect clients: bathroom remodelers, escort services. And retired disgraced members of Congress. Who are on full pension, and free health care for life. Because even Congressional despots deserve some CongressLove.

I don't think John Ensign was thinking about sexual harassment law when he said Clinton should resign. I also don't think Republicans who wanted Clinton impeached were thinking about sexual harassment law either.

But, whatever, the problem was Clinton and now that we have a Dem president who's not Clinton, all the conspiracy theories and personal attacks have stopped. Thank goodness Obama hasn't been caught in an affair - Republicans might not work with him if he had.

Rick Sutton | April 23, 2011 6:27 AM

Yes, so true, because we all know, don't we, that only the Republicans can judge moral conduct of politicians. It's in the Bible.

Obama, affair...yikes! I don't think he has the same DNA as Clinton in that regard.

And, CLinton reinvented himself brilliantly. He's made a lot of money as an ex-president, but he has the savvy to recognize his name is a global draw. He gives much time and money to good causes. With a bad heart, yet.

The only thing is the personal attacks have not

stopped. Now it is the ridiculous "birther"


I'm willing to bet the money was to cover something really nasty, be that some wild kink, or maybe that she had an abortion to terminate an unexpected pregnancy. (Wouldn't THAT just be rich?)

Bumpersticker philosophy personified:

John Ensign's karma ran over his dogma.

Ahh yes who to replace him with let the fun and games begin im sure the govenor would love the job she was planing to run again last I heard.

Politics is a contact sport with no ruls!

california panda | April 23, 2011 4:45 AM

Hey, John, That Christian/Family values thing about Adultery, Coveting, Bearing False Witness, et al, not working out for ya, huh?