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Kelly McGillis Just Isn't That Into You

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Talk about a "So what?!" interview. The Advocate had a chance to ask actress Kelly McGillis some questions about her new movie and her somewhat recent coming out, but the whole thing is more likely to produce yawns than an urge to see the flick.

The former Top Gun hottie says she refused top_gun_kelly_mcgillis_tom_cruise.jpgto come out even while playing a closeted soldier on The L Word or filming lesbian sex scenes for an earlier movie because her children come first - because, you know, kids wouldn't want their parents to be honest. Bottom line? McGillis doesn't care about her fans, the LGBT community, or acting. She's, you know, too cool for all that.

You didn't pay attention to positive letters of support from fans? There must have been letters.
I don't know. If I got any, I didn't read them. If things come to my house, I pretend like I don't live there. And if I get an e-mail from someone I don't know, I pretend I don't exist.
Any pressure from the gay community to lead a pride parade or film a gay rights PSA?
No. I do believe in the Human Rights Campaign's efforts, and I'm a part of that, but it's not as if I'm standing on a soapbox. This is my fundamental belief: I have no right to use my public popularity to sway people to think as I do. I have my thoughts, beliefs, and values, but those are mine. I came to those conclusions after living a long life, trying different things, asking questions, and finding out what worked and what didn't. Those are my conclusions, and I would hope that other people can come to theirs on their own. Maybe I can lead by example, by living a whole, honest life, but not by telling people what to believe.

She doesn't want to be a role model, dammit! She just wants to invite the New York Times to cover her civil union ceremony and keep raking in the paychecks - because that's what average people do, right? (Img via Paramount Pictures)

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So... why are you writing about her?

If you read further, you'll see that her relationship actually caused some problems for her children when they lived in Pennsylvania. Apparently they received comments about it. Seems like she didn't want any more of that.

So she wants to go on with her life and not be an activist. Where is the problem with that?

Kelly, darlin', get over yourself.

Renee Thomas | April 24, 2011 8:57 AM

It's clear from her reported comments (and the context of the interview) that she values her privacy - and, she's welcome to it. No LGBT person is obligated to serve as a role-model against their wishes. Leave the woman alone, she does not owe me or you a single thing.

SeeingEyeGrrl | April 28, 2011 5:33 PM

Just sounds to me like she isn't in to fame per se and what other folks think. Sounds like she may be into "the work". It's not my business what other people think of me....all actually sounds grounded and honest. She obviously isn't looking for approval from fans.