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Occasionally Jerame will ask me why it's taking me so long to write a post or essay.


Sometimes my assistant helps too much. There's another snapshot from last week after the jump.


Worst. Feral. Cat. Ever.

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Rick Sutton | April 14, 2011 10:21 AM

Worst---or best?

Fine line.

Our two cats think we should read-up on the ancient Egyptian culture that treated their ancestors like royalty. And act accordingly.

In that spirit, it could be observed, that your blogging was intruding on the cat's nap.

It's all about perspective.

They always want to blob on your arm in such a way as to immobilize you and therefore, be the ultimate arbiter of your movements. That said, being smushed between a warm computer and a warm lap is pretty much kitty heaven.

She lets you place the laptop *on* her? There must be a tiny plug point somewhere there...

Cutest little black paws, btw.

Oh yeah. As soon as I sit crosslegged, she's in my lap and won't move for love or money. So if I need to work, I just put the laptop on here and go to work. She stays until she's over it - usually an hour or so - and then will move over to beside me (like the second photo). Most of the time, the other kitty will be on the right side snuggled up too.

Remember Porch Kitty? That's her. I think she's adjusted to being an inside cat. :)

Certainly looks like it - and she's happier for it!

Chitown Kev | April 14, 2011 12:00 PM

Oh dear, I wanna say somethin' but...

My kitty used to love to walk all over my laptop when I wasn't using it

My cat likes to either plop on the top of the of the back of the computer chair when I'm in it, or walk back and forth in front of the computer screen when I'm working on it. I found he is fascinated by the movement of the pointer across the screen. It entertains him.

Om Kalthoum | April 14, 2011 4:27 PM

My goodness, am I the first to note that this arrangement is surely more testicle-healthy than having an extremely hot laptop perched directly on your man equipment? Well, it is. Stay safe!

Om Kalthoum | April 14, 2011 4:30 PM

P.S., no pussy jokes?

My experience is that kitties usually prefer to do the typing.

Kitteh discovered to be actual power supply for Bilerico. More trade secrets to follow. (LOL)

Hahaha! Kitty doesn't look too happy in the first picture. Any idea if Ed has seen this or not? :-P