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This video is working its way around the queer blogosphere because Obama didn't scream "Gays! Nooooooo!" when someone shouted gay marriage and he was talking about how he wants to win reelection in 2012. Cute, but this report in the LA Times is silly.

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As a member of the non-White Bread Gay Community, someone really needs to explain to me "why Obama or any other politican should give a rat's ass about anything Gay?".

California is almost universally recognized as one of the more liberal (if not THE most liberal) of the US States and, OBAMA WON CALIFORNIA WHILE THE GAYS LOST CALIFORNIA.

If "The Gays" can't f-ing produce votes in California, where can they produce the vote? And, I'm fairly sure that, as far as politics are concerned, if you can't produce votes, YOU'RE NOBODY.

In my opinion, Obama and his team couldn't care less about anything GAY. Don't you think Obama knew before hand that The House would step up to the plate to defend DOMA? From what I recall, Obama even "alerted" the House that it could defend DOMA when he announced that the executive office would not.

THIS LITTLE GROUP OF NOISE MAKERS with their pink panties in a bunch over DADT and Gay Marriage are, by every stat I've seen, NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE GAY COMMUNITY. Every stat that I've seen in ever "jurisdiction" where someone CAN marry someone of the same sex shows that the people who want to marry someone of the same sex are in a minority (a very small minority). Hell, the people who f-ing want to marry Period are in the minority.

And, don't get me started on 40+ year old men into Twilight and "Sex and The City" who have the balls to be taking about what's good for the military. Has there been a military themed Twilight movie or Sex and The City movie that I missed?

I am missing something here, what exactly was the POINT of this post/video? I don't get it. Seems like filler content to me. Just saying.