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NH Teabaggers: Who Cares About Gay Marriage?

Filed By Bil Browning | April 19, 2011 7:00 PM | comments

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Great video from Wonk Room's Igor Volsky today. Igor attended one of the Tea Party's Tax Day rallies in New Hampshire and while the House Republicans have decided to spend a half a million dollars to "defend" section three of DOMA, these folks can't seem to figure out why.

Not one single activist said that allowing gays and lesbians to get married had changed the state or their marriage and they all insisted that local conservative Republicans' attempts to repeal marriage rights were misguided and unimportant. Oh, how times have changed, eh?

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I lived in New Hampshire less than a couple years ago and I wish they had asked them how they feel about TS/TG rights.My experience was at that time they were pretty anti TS/TG and not especially welcoming of gay marriage. Manchester had the only support groups and gay bar in the entire state. While many complain about Mass myself included until recently I discovered that I could change my gender marker on my drivers simply by having a Psychiatrist sign off on it. Others may disagree with me but I see that as just as good as having gender identity laws on the books as long as if there is a problem I am afforded the rights and recognized as a woman. Notice I only said gender identity issue and didn't say it solved the gender expression issue and placed conditions on it.

I agree with these guys. Gay marriage isn't that important. In fact, we need to de-governmentize married entirely. Marriage is a silly religious institution and has no business being mixed up with government.

Remember the price that was paid for this.

The day the NH Senate voted by the narrowest of margins to legalise marriage equality, it voted unanimously to veto human rights for trans people. A unanimous vote means the matter couldn't be revisited for at least two years.

It was the price that was exacted, to get those last two votes. Not just a defeat, a humiliation for the bill's sponsor, who was forced to vote against it.

But at least they got value for money. Without such a backroom deal, neither marriage equality nor trans rights would have been achieved. They made the right decision, God help us.

Don't forget though. Don't forget who paid the last installment here. Trans people in NH had already been waiting over a decade to have the same rights their GLB brothers and sisters have.

Don't forget that the last chance we had for equality, a chance the year after the Senate vote and before the Far Right came in, was traded away for this.

It's New Hampshire. Their conservatives are crazy libertarians, not bible-thumpers. Try the same thing in Iowa and you probably won't get the same results.

Brad Bailey | April 20, 2011 6:14 PM

Well-said, Alex.