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Republican Official Sends Racist Image of Obama

Filed By Sara Whitman | April 19, 2011 1:30 PM | comments

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Marilyn Davenport, a CA GOP official, sends out a picture of two chimps and Obama's face pasted on the "baby" chimp and states, "Now you know why there is no birth certificate."


Stunning. I mean, there have been a lot of racist slurs and pokes but this one takes the cake.

No, she will not resign. Don't we have a sense of humor? Cute monkeys, right?

Really, Marilyn?

Does this mean you believe in evolution as opposed to creationism?

Politics, unfortunately, is about slinging mud. Always has been, always will be. However, there are times it goes too far. I am waiting for a senior GOP person to step up and say this was wrong and demand her resignation.

Otherwise, we are in for a long, long ride before we get to pull the ballot levers.

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Oh, I get it, because Obama's black!


F*cking racist.

Rick Sutton | April 19, 2011 2:50 PM

This needs to get WIDE attention.

But it IS Orange County, right?

Sometimes, in anger, or rage, or frustration, we say/do what we REALLY think.

This woman needs an edit button. Thankfully, she spewed forth this garbage in time for us to clue in the rest of America to the far right's real agenda.

For that, we owe her a debt of thanks. 'Cause if this were reversed, Hannity and Rush would be screaming from the top of every mountain in America.

Her response actually gives me some hope.

She thought this controversy was ridiculous because "everyone knows she's not racist. She has black friends. And besides, she sent this to people who she knew wouldn't find this sort of thing offensive."

But clearly these friends of hers who she just "knew" wouldn't have found it offensive did enough to bring this to media attention. I assume these friends of hers were fellow birthers or Conservatives, and that being the case, I'm glad that some of them won't tolerate this kind of racism. I'm glad her friends didn't fall for the "racist things aren't racist when no one is offended" bullshit.

On a separate note, my cousin explained a theory to me where people say atrocious things which seem trivial in the larger picture such that the next time another person can say something just a bit more atrocious and no one will blink an eye at the earlier statement. It effectively desensitizes society's threshold of tolerance for inappropriate, racist, sexist, violent, homophobic, transphobic rhetoric until the individuals who have always wanted to spout their vitriol find they no longer have to hide their hateful opinions. I'm inclined to believe him. This kind of racist garbage is out there and unabashed. What's going to top it now? Wait and see.

luminum, It's known as the Overton Window. I've seen it discussed mainly at Slacktivist. It's an interesting theory.


This is pathetic. Name calling, harassing images.

Where are the jobs? HUH? Oh, this is more important? Oh and the 'creationism vs evolution' thing? Yeah, you DO beleive in evolution. You just say you beleive in creationism so you can get the relegious votes.

She is such a scumbag. (and I say that knowing full well that some scumbags are humans and do have value)

{she's just not one of them}

I think the photo is an excellent representation of the values espoused by the Republican Party.

I think it shows the level of disrespect that conservatives have for diversity in America.Before I posted this I went to see what kind of nasty photos of George Bush I could find. There were some pretty ugly ones with some nasty lines attached to them but none that reached this low level in my opinion.

Like I said, politics is ugly. And the Dems have had their share of ugly.

Am I missing something because I keep looking for a senior Republican to say, tsk tsk or ... something... and I haven't found anything.

And we wonder why bullying is such a huge issue in this country?

Color me shocked. And how non-surprised am I that she's still holding her seat?

I'm no GW supporter by any measure, but I seem to remember 8 years of Bush-chimp photos and never a peep from you guys about it being 'racist', or complaining about 'name calling' or 'harassing'.

Lets get down to the core of this. It's politics, and there's always going to be infantile BS thrown around. If you're unwilling to defend your political opponent from this sort of crap then you don't deserve the same defense when it happens to your political horse.

And for god sakes, look who this was done by. It was birthers. Hardly your 'run of the mill' republican. Even Jane Brewer thumped her nose at them this week. I'd be shocked if whoever shopped was remotely grounded in reality.

According to a CNN poll, a sizable chunk of Republicans are birthers. Not 100%, but enough that you can't really say that they're some tiny, ignorable minority of the party.

The whole birther issue is moot now with yesterday's release but I feel I need to make an important point;

What's this 'sizable' chunk? If it was a poll available at CNN it will be online and easy to quote/link.

Seriously, if you're going to smear an entire political party because of some nutty fringe members then have the common decency not do use vague, meaningless language like 'sizable chunk' that's not 'tiny' or 'ignorable'. Put some cold numbers to it, otherwise you're no better than The Donald.

Anyway, the only poll I'm aware of is a cbs poll which broke demographics down to Everyone and Tea Party members (who aren't necessarily Republicans).

As you'll see a 'sizable chunk' of 'Everyone' are brithers. So 'sizable' that it can't reasonably be explained by them all being Republican (if we assume Tea Party = Republican..... it doesn't). If it were all Republicans, then that would require a solid 2/3 proportion of the Republican party being 'birthers' since latest party ID numbers hover around 29/30/38 (R/D/I, Gallup Jan 2011). I think you can identify those numbers as ridiculous.

In sort; Don't be intellectually lazy when you're on a mission to smear an entire demographic with the acts, or ideas of the fringe. Some would consider that bigoted, and discriminatory. Something the gay community would be sensitive too from their history. But above all I would hope your search for facts will sway you from such a demagogic perspective.