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RuPaul's Drag Race: Alexis Mateo Was Robbed

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The reason I'm so exercised about Raja winning this season of RuPaul's Drag Race (besides the fact that she came off like a shallow bitch with the totally repulsive Heathers vs. Boogers thing because, let's be clear, drag queens make catty comments about each other, it's part of the job, and it's not hard in the editing room to exaggerate or even create little backstage rivalries and to make anyone look evil or sweet depending on what's required to put drama on the screen) what makes me really sad and disappointed, not just about the show or about RuPaul but about the state of drag and by extension gay culture (and doubly, triply, disappointed because Drag Race was my bulwark, my beacon, my raft in the storm of conservatism that threatens lately to obliterate all that is campy and sick and delightfully wrong about being queer and loving a little entertainment and comfort at 2 a.m.) what has me, again, again, despairing that much of what I came of age loving and feeling welcomed and nurtured and inspired by, is that Raja is, in the end, just dull.


This is what RuPaul thinks represents the future of this venerable art form? I watch Raja and, yes, her clothes are creative sometimes even brilliant and she can walk with her hips like nobody's business - but there's no love, no generosity, no light, no sex appeal, no fun. And she has the comic timing of a turtle.

Alexis Mateo shoulda won this thing. Please.

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I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you. While I can't disagree with you on some of Raja's personality traits (can be shallow, sometimes bitchy), I found him to be incredibly edgy, creative, and transformative. I thought that his use of androgyny and gender illusion was spectacular to watch, and each look was an adventure. That unto itself is sex appeal and fun.

Don't get me wrong...I loved Alexis. Alexis is a BEAUTIFUL person, in the most generous sense of the word. But at times I though his looks lacked variety. I wanted to see him really grow beyond a specific style, and he disappointed from time to time. It doesn't change how I feel about him personally - he is so sincere, friendly, loving, it's just that I didn't think he should have won. So I am satisfied with the results.

Every time people in the trans community mention what a smug a-hole Ru Paul is, our opinions are flicked away. Every time we've every complained about how trans/gender variant people aren't well represented on supposed LGBT channels like LOGO, those opinions are discounted. So why should anyone be surprised that Drag Race, year after year, picks soul-less, not very appealing winners. Tyra Sanchez... hello?! Not to worry anyway, because the only thing their supposed 'next superstars of drag' are doing is a few months of huckstering booze and making quickie appearances at a few bars and discos filled with people who disagreed with their being 'crowned.'

Oh yeah, and Ru, stop using the term 'shemale' on your show you jerk.

My impression is very much that cis gay men consciously refuse to address trans criticism of drag queens because they care more about their own petty amusement than about our lives. Simple as that.

My theory these days is that gay men see drag queens and transsexuals who came out of the gay community and still are part of the gay community the same way that lesbians see transmasculine women and trans men who came out of the lesbian community and are still part of it (sorry for the long long sentence!). It's a historical part of their culture, and it is valuable them.

I think it's close to the hearts of the 'trans' ppl from both those cultures, too. Else they wouldn't stay part of that community. I don't know much about the drag queen/gay-originated trans women (I assume they date and have sex with gay men?), but transmasculine women/lesbian-originated trans men I know and know of are still part of the lesbian community, and date and have sex with lesbians or bi girls (I know there are trans men who don't see themselves as part of thelesbian community, but they seem to be pretty rare...maybe they just don't get much visibility?)

I actually know one trans man who came from the 'str8' community, and of course lots of trans women who did, and it's a very different thing. I don't get the impression that the gay male community is trying to oppress trans women who aren't drag queens/gay-originated, it's just the culture the gay community has around being trans, and it's very different. They use a lot of terms that a lot of trans women don't like, but they are being used for a certain group of ppl in a certain community in a certain context.


Oh, and pretty much every cis lesbian or bi girl i know *loves* drag shows...

Just to be clear, before this comment thread turns into a big PC RuPaul bashing, I LOVE RuPaul and love this show. I think it's the best queer thing on TV. Anyone who watches it with an open heart, an eye toward our history, and a sense of humor knows that it can be an amazing view into a huge variety of queer lives in all their glorious complexity. It's funny, entertaining, heartwarming, weird, and wonderful. In fact, that's exactly why I was so disappointed with the outcome of this season. I just didn't think Raja measured up in terms of entertainment value. I loved Tyra and Bebe from the start and was thrilled to see them win.

I could care less what RuPaul does as long as he quits trying to be the authority on what is or isn't offensive to transsexuals. His use of tranny and shemales is disgusting and offensive. He doesn't have the right to be the authority on that.

I found Raja the most fascinating the drag queens because he's fresh; he doesn't do the same things drag queens have been doing for 50 years. He messes with gender in interesting ways. Even when he's most feminine, he's a man; and when he's not in drag, he's more feminine than Alexis Mateo. His timing may not be as good as Alexis's, but sketchy timing beats tired jokes in my book.

I haven't seen the show, but your long italicized parenthetical asides are delightful.

Wow, that lovely little diatribe above was disgusting. Don't even pretend you care at all about trans people if you're going to spout that kind of ignorant, cissexist garbage. Sad that the people who should be some of our biggest allies are some of the most willfully ignorant. For you to say that after MULTIPLE trans people commented about how disturbing promotion of everything RuPaul is to trans people is just privilege at it's finest.

Also, using the phrase "PC" to discount people? Ha, simply ridiculous - that's the EXACT same thing plenty of straight people do when gay people assert their rights. Remember that next time you want someone to not use an anti-gay slur and you get told that you're being too PC in response.

In conclusion, you're right about this show - it's rich with insight into gay history, as cis gay folks have walked all over trans people for years and years!

Remember that next time you want someone to not use an anti-gay slur and you get told that you're being too PC in response.

I think you're going to have to show that Steven is the type to go around telling people not to use anti-gay slurs. You do know that not all cis gay men think from the same hive mind, right?

Anyway, what's the objection here about the show? I get Gina's and it makes sense - Rupaul's use of the word "shemale" is annoying at best. Otherwise, I don't remember seeing anyone use the word "tranny" on the show even though she has used it elsewhere.

And what does drag have to do with transgender/transsexual people again? It is possible to criticize Rupaul separately from drag itself, although that's not really the vibe I'm getting from many in this thread who seem to want cis men to present themselves sufficiently masculine at all times.

Also, I have to say I agree with Gina re Tyra Sanchez. I thought she was interesting, but Pandora Boxx and Jessica Wilde were robbed last season. Bebe was cool, though.

RuPaul's use of the word "***male" is "annoying at best"? Wow, yet another example of how disturbing the cis people who run Bilerico are about a lot of trans issues. That was completely out of line.

Again, if the people who run this site are going to say such cissexist things (as both you and Bil have in this comment thread), you really, truly need to stop representing this site as being a safe place for "LGBTQ" people, because the T aspect of that is very clearly untrue.

"I think you're going to have to show that Steven is the type to go around telling people not to use anti-gay slurs."

I have a really hard time seeing Steven that way, personally! :)

"And what does drag have to do with transgender/transsexual people again?"

To me, a little, but not a lot.

I see at least 6 contexts for trans ppl, just limiting things to the gender binary, and single-sex attraction; adding in gender fluid ppl, and bisexual/pansexual would add a lot more.

The whole thing some transsexual women have against drag queens seems similar to me to the thing the anti-trans transsexual women (HBSers, WBTs, 'women of history', 'post-transsexuals', and so forth) have against transgender women--they seem to feel it reflects badly on them, and causes them to be seen as something they definitly are not by society (and I feel they are right on this point). Really, it seems like the whole assimilationist versus let-it-all-hang-out controvery seen in a lot of communities.

The problem is that the vast majority of ppl don't know much (and usually don't care much) about the differences among the trans groups. A lot of transsexual women *aren't* drag queens, and didn't even come from the gay community, but most ppl (even a fair number of cis gay men, in my personal experience), consider us *all* drag queens or something like that. And whether they like the drag culture or not, most ppl don't want to be seen as something totally different from who they are.

However, in my opinion, attacking drag culture or gay men is not the answer. To me, we need to do a better job or distinguishing among all the different ways to be gay or trans, and correcting ppl when they get conflated, whether in one-on-one interactions, or in public forums such as the media.

Yes, a lot of ppl won't listen, and don't care. To them, drag queens, cross-dressers, transvestite prostitutes, 'shemales', transgender women, transsexual women, 'women of history', are all just the same and they hate them all. These ppl think the worst of us no matter what we really are, and the fighting between certain kinds of trans women and ppl into drag culture will not change that [though I do admit there are prolly ppl who accept transsexuals (by this I meant 'post-op', though I hate that term) but not transvestites or crossdressers). I think we just saw this by a 'post-op', str8 trans woman getting beaten. Really, I know a lot more cis-str8 ppl who love drag shows and accept gay culture than I do those who accept transsexuals, bottom surgery or no.

Jeez Carol,

People have been having fun with drag queens as long as I can remember where I come from. There was a supper club around here where they used to have shows a few times a year. It was a strip club the rest of the year. Yes 'str8' people's venues. I think a lot people like drag shows. We have "Miss Kitty Litter" here. She's very popular. What does it have to do with the price of beans? I've been to pride events and sat down right next to her before performances. We're on different planets - strangers to each other. Why can't this be fun? Why do people have to drag people trying to get on with their lives into this by making comparisons that wouldn't make any sense if anyone had any respect? I love how the word conservative is manipulated in an attempt to make it mean the opposite of what it does. There is so much clinging to old worn out prejudices in this thread it's nauseating.

Edith, I have no idea what you are talking about (which is generally the case anyhow). I was trying to say that I felt trans women don't really have a good complaint against drag queens, and shouldn't be attacking them.

My point about cis str8s and drag was that in my experience, most of them have much less of an issue with drag queens that they do trans women--they see the drag queens as men, entertaining, while they see us as sick and perverted, b/c we are living full time as women, and in many cases have 'desecrated' our bodies.

And though I didn't even mention consersatives in my post, funny thing is, my experience has been that conservative men love drag way more than moderate or liberal men. A lot of them even do drag themselves (Guliani, for one).

Get a grip. ok?

Carol, all this "us" business? Do you know how old the film, Victor Victoria, is? The one Julie Andrews appeared in? Who is us? Does it include Julie Andrews? If it does, then I'm with you on this. If it doesn't, forget about it. Get a grip? I'm not going to try to grab on to something that's going to burn me. "Transgender" women are like citrus fruit, just like drags queens who are about being gay "MEN"? Count me out of your equation and "mathematical subsets", please.

Whatever. As usual I don't even have a clue what you are talking about or what your point is. At least you aren't quoting reams of stuff from someone I never heard of, though, which I appreciate. Makes it a lot easier for me to realize that talking to you is just giong to confuse me more, not less.

I know Carol,

I could actually try to make a bad situation worse by trying to explain myself. But what the hell, why not throw all caution to the wind.

I'm stuck here in "transworld". I don't want to be here. I mean, this thread was about drag queens and RuPaul, right? I like RuPaul, I guess. I don't have any problem with drag queens.

However, if I put Bill's comment about tangerines and nectarines together with Diek's comments, which I really have no problem with, it's like adding water to potassium, boom!!! Got that??? No? I'm not surprised.

Now if you take Joann Prinzavelli's insistence that transsexual is really a "mathematical subset of transgender" then put that together with your remark above

To them, drag queens, cross-dressers, transvestite prostitutes, 'shemales', transgender women, transsexual women, 'women of history', are all just the same and they hate them all. These ppl think the worst of us no matter what we really are,

"US" translates in a way that is just oppressively offensive, especially when placed in context with Bil's concept of "transgender".

Stephen used the word "conservative", not you. I think I probably misinterpreted what he meant by that. I am sorry about my confusion. Gender queer people do, however, have a tendency to misuse the word conservative in a dismissive way to misrepresent people who are transsexual or post transsexual as being motivated by gender conformism. I can get touchy about that.

People at this blogsite are politically connected and seek to shape the understanding of the various constituencies they seek to represent whether or not they have the assent of all. I'm sorry Bil's understanding of "transgender" does not work for me, at all. Neither does yours.

This I understand, thanks! :)

First, I hate being trans too. The alternative is to live as a guy, and I can't do that. If someone made me, I'd kill myself. In fact, if I had to it to do over, I'd have killed myself a long time ago instead of transitioning.

By 'us', I meant transsexual women, including (that word again, grrr...) 'post-ops'. I prolly didn't put it clearly, but my point was that no matter who or what we are, most ppl just lump that whole list of groups into one. I am not saying I agree with it, just that it's how things are. I *am* sorry if I offended you with that, I didn't mean it as a slur on anyone, *including* all those other groups. To me, we have our own way of being, and we have the right to that.

I don't worry much about the political stuff. I am definitely not politically connected, and have no interest in being so. I guess I am cynical, but I am so used to being misrepresented and misunderstood, that I don't even much care how wrong most national groups get things about ppl like. I just speak for myself, I am not trying to 'represent' anyone else, and really don't feel that I can. I don't even post at any other gay or trans sites but here (though I do post on a couple of feminist sites occasionally).

As far as the term 'transgender' goes, yes, I am pretty aware that my position is different from yours (it is also differ from Bil's in most ways--I think his heart is in the right place, but like most cis ppl, he is a little clueless).

When I am a better version of myself than I have been lately, I really feel that we are all in it together, all the ppl who are trans of some sort, plus cis gay ppl, as many of the same ppl hate us for many of the same reasons. And when I am the best version of myself, I see that we are *all* in it together, even the transphobes, homophobes, racists, misogynists, everybody. They don't realize it, of course, but they are hurt too when hurt others. We are all part of the same existence, and cannot act independantly of one another.

I am sorry and apologize that I did not treat you the repsect you deserve.

No apologies necessary, Carol.

I'm out there I admit. I feel I've marred Stephen's lighthearted musings. The transsexual = transgender somewhat equal to drag queen = MAN equation makes me rather upset. I didn't want to say anything. I probably should have sat still. I couldn't. I went back and read and realized I didn't totally grasp what you were saying. I should stop trying to dig myself out of this hole I'm in.

Why do transpeople have to make this political. It's a fun campy show. Start your own channel if you have an issue.

I've found that comparing transgender women and drag queens is like comparing nectarines and tangerines. They're both citrus, they're similar, and you can mistake one for the other occasionally, but aficionados of either one can tell you intimately and passionately exactly what the differences are and why their choice of fruit is vastly superior than the other.

Drag queens and trans women are really, really not similar. At all. And anyone who is going around thinking that drag queens (or ANY group of cis people) are "vastly superior" to trans women is a cissexist person that I have absolutely no desire of encountering.

I don't see it as that at all, more like vegetables and fruits (and not not the gay thingy, the actual fruits you eat. :) )

*grins* That made me giggle, Dana. :)

really, *both* kinds get eaten...

Uh, nectarines belong to the genus, prunus. It is a drupe. It has more in common with the almond. Citrus is an entirely different genus.

I thought this was a thread about drag queens, though? It's kind of ironic that you chose to classify trans in with drag queen. Isn't that labeling? A new label is being promoted in the threads to other of these posts, the "labelite" label.

I don't know where this is going but if I put it together with Dieks comments:

The show... Ru Pauls DRAG RACE is about gay men and their history/culture. Raj is the new face... like it or not. Stylish/snarky/beutiful/andro and still a man.

it's obvious what is being said. A lot of what I heard in a good portion of the 89 comments that followed Dana Beyer's post seemed to amount to the woman who was freaked out by the transsexual woman(who was really just an actor who was a man playing a woman) in the restroom scene from Better Than Chocolate, "you're not a woman", "you are not a woman."

This is supposed to be a light hearted thread but there is a stultifying dismissiveness in your comment. It leads back to an understanding of sex based on what kind of gametes a person produces, it leads to very insulting terms like pseudo hermaphrodites to describe people who are phenotypically female or male at birth. Doctors used to, and still do, classify people according to gonads. More recently the medical establishment uses chromosomes when the most advanced understanding is that most sex determining characteristics occur on the autosomes not the sex chromosomes and that sex is not simply dichotomous.

I know what the reaction will be to what I have written. Your comment, Bil, is really problematic, however. This is where all the weight given to "gender expression" fails so many people, not just people with transsexual backgrounds, either. The real "labelites" causing the problem are the people who blindly assume that sex is as simple as male and female and the only variable between either is expression. No, it's a lot more complicated. If that is the way the "umbrella" is going to protect me and others I am aware of, whose existence is so profoundly different than the way you relate disparate groups to each other, then there will never be true justice for so many who will have been forced under it unwillingly.

I've found that comparing transgender women and drag queens is like comparing nectarines and tangerines. They're both citrus, they're similar, and you can mistake one for the other occasionally, but aficionados of either one can tell you intimately and passionately exactly what the differences are and why their choice of fruit is vastly superior than the other.

Wow, this came across as really dismissive. Actually, you're basically saying "I've found that comparing women and drag queens is like comparing ... They're both citrus, they're similar, and you can mistake one for the other occasionally..."

I am trying to find a way to fully respond to this in a manner that does not come off as dismissive or attacking toward drag queens, as I have nothing against them. And many women (cis and trans) also participate in the drag community. But the iconic idea of a drag queen is a theatrical presentation of femaleness and femininity, typically by men.

In contrast, trans women are women. Trans women are straight, bisexual, lesbian, range from high femme to butch, many are feminine, or androgynous. For trans women, being women isn't about theater or performance (although many trans women may perform, even do drag performance).

Yes, it is true that many trans women get started in the drag community before or during transition.

Trans women and drag queens are two different sometimes overlapping categories. They're not even the same kind of category, and it's basically institutional transphobia that sees them as related in the manner you stated above. Instead of relating them as similar, please respect the actual, real differences.

"Start your own channel if you have an issue"? Ridiculous. Imagine a straight person saying that to you if you objected to a show of theirs that used anti-gay slurs.

Hmm, I wonder why a bunch of trans people are "making" something political by pointing out that the show uses trans-misogynistic slurs and is run by someone who is notoriously awful regarding trans women...

I agree with the article. I have heard rumors (and they are still just that, rumors), that RuPaul and Raja are old and close friends (Raja is also well know as a make-up artist on the west coast) and that bring in the specter of it being a "fix". Alexis Mateo was amazing and I think truly deserved to win.
The good news is that Alexis Mateo is so talented that she will be working for the next lifetime from the exposure she got at RuPaul's Drag Race. But still, she should have won!

Jesse Monteagudo | April 28, 2011 8:24 AM

I knew Alexis Mateo was through when RuPaul dismissed Alexis's style as "Florida drag." (Raja is from L.A.) What is "Florida drag?"

The show... Ru Pauls DRAG RACE is about gay men and their history/culture.

It's perfectly clear that it is performance art.

Gay male performance art has a spot under this f*$^ing umbrella w/out being bullied/shamed/shoved out. If you didn't know this... it's been around AWHILE.

There are MUCH more misogynistic reality shows that deserve some WRATH...
Toddlers and Tiaras.
The Bachelor.
Extreme Makeover... the list can seriously go on.

So a MALE reality show is being shown on a GAY LOGO CHANNEL??? The shock and horror is so extreme I might need a smelling salt for my vagina.

As for Alexis:

I LOVED Alexis... funny, campy, extreme over the top and padded. "Bigger the hair closer to god! BAM!"

But old drag is now "old drag". Alexis' character is old school. Raj is the new face... like it or not.

Stylish/snarky/beutiful/andro and still a man.

And the comments here prove it.
Gay men don't own the vote on this anymore Steven. It use to be your "club"... those days are gone.

This is why you had to pay a membership fee to get into the club in the old days... now all you need is txt.

Privilege: when you have to worry about your ~performance art~ being shoved out. We have to worry about our actual lives, not what we do for amusement, being shoved out/bullied/erased, so cry me a river.

Also, you took a page right out of derailing for dummies with your list of "MUCH more misogynistic reality shows." Whoever said those weren't bad? This post was about a specific show, a show that, once again, feature SLURS against trans women! Trans people have every right to protest that on a so-called LGB"T" site. If this was just some cis gay site, then I wouldn't waste my time, but when the person who runs this site claims it is LGBT, I'm damn well going to protest anything promoted on here that is actively hostile towards trans people.

Privilege is also when you refuse to address how your "performance art" is entirely built around mocking and perpetuating stereotypes about an oppressed minority.

And as a Latina Lesbian I have ABSOLUTELY no concept what THAT is like. **eye roll**

Lot's of stories under this umbrella ella... make some elbow room and we might stay all stay little dryer and not be such a wet blanket.

Wes... the OP is about a GAY MALE television program. Those who can not seem to differenciate between the G [[those letters in between]] and the T brought the "derail" in first.

But thanks for posting :)

oh, I'm not taking issue with the fact that it's a gay male television program, or about anything specifically L or G or B being posted here that isn't about trans people. Not at all.

My point is, just because they are gay does not mean that they get a pass when they do things that actively hurt other oppressed minorities, which this show does. I'm not saying "Gay men can't have their own culture," I'm saying "anything that is hostile towards any trans people, I have a problem with."

"oh, I'm not taking issue with the fact that it's a gay male television program, or about anything specifically L or G or B being posted here that isn't about trans people. Not at all."

Well thank you Wes! Thank you so much for YOUR permission in commenting/posting here at TBP regarding "specifically L or G or B" subjects. I feel so much better after being validated by you.

So again I would like to direct you BACK to the OP... it's about a gay male PERFORMANCE show. Has nothing to do w/T and perhaps that is really what the problem is here?

You can't seem to tell the difference between gay male drag PERFORMANCE and trans people.

I know that drag queens/shows touch a sensitive nerve in the transsexual community and I believe rightfully so due to the public's perception of transsexuals as men in drag. However, I don't think we should try and oppress those in the gay community who want to dress in drag or to love drag queens/shows. This is a part of the gay experience and should remain that way.

However, what I WOULD like to see, is the LGB community call out offensive terms used by drag queens such as the word "tranny" and "shemale". To me, this would show that our condition and concerns are acknowledged at least.

RuPaul "officially" approved of the word "tranny".

I don't agree that the term "drag queen" should be abolished. To me, that is just silly. But RuPaul is not authorized to speak on behalf of the transsexual community and dub "tranny" as okay to use. That is also silly.

Something else I should have added. Transsexuals don't own the ownership of the term "drag queen".

The quote is about gay men/drag queens. "Taking the word back" has to do w/them.
Drag Queens being called "tranny".

They don't give a shit.

It's the TG and TS that can't seem to settle and/or even compromise.

As we have seen THOUSANDS of posts/comments later here at TBP.
Why are you throwing this on the drag queens?

From what I have seen... cross dressers are the lowest of the low in the "princess" line up.

Cross dressers/drag queens don't give a shit.

I like cross dressers and drag queens.... they have balls.
Tuck them.
Stuff them...

But they do it.

I could never stuff my titts like that.

I'm late to the game, but thanks for your comments. They offer a much needed counter perspective.

As to the terms "tranny" and "shemale" - offensive to women who are trans, but not necessarily offensive for men who are female impersonators and drag queens. Good distinction.

Alexis is very talented and big hearted but (IMO) her drag (hair, make-up, costumes) is boring, predictable. Congratulations to Raja.

How about Billerico inviting those with strong opinions about transexuals, RuPaul and/or drag to write articles? With the level of passion on both sides it's possible that some of the actual legitimacy of what's being said is lost.

As to the original point of the post: I was very happy that Raja won. In fact, I was overjoyed. She is edgy, stunning, funny, ironic, and luscious. Sure, she wasn't a good comedian, but her lipsynching and run ways were wonderful. She had me with the Carrie number earlier in the season.

hot mess jess | May 1, 2011 5:09 PM

Bah, I'm trans and I love drag queens. Apart from the bad ones. I started in drag, have enjoyed the scene and know there's been an overlap between drag peformers and transsexuals and others for a long time. I personally put draq queens under the transgender umbrella.

That said, reviewing drag shows is one thing but I really wish Bilerico - and Bil in particular - should just stop reporting on trans issues. You fail every time.

I'm also not a citrus fruit. I self-identify as an apple, thankyouverymuch.

I dunno from what I saw of the use of "Tranny" in at least a few episodes it was Far from used in a "reclaiming" light.

Was more like "This is a competion for Gay men, not for trannys" Im sorry, a Gay man does not Get the green light to Reclaim a word that dont effect him half as much as those that live that life full time. When he takes his wig off, steps off stage, and goes back to being just another Guy he dont have to think about that anymore. Some people don't have that privlege. When transgender people say Its ok for you to use that word. Then you can. I doubt a White person making a racial slur would get away with saying "Well its ok its being reclaimed" it works the same way. I dont wanna turn this into a race debate or derail. But I cant think of a better scenario atm.

Listen, I have NO bitch invested in this dog fight... but pointing out the OBVIOUS of a SPECIFIC gay male show [[w/well over 3/4's of the participants being of color]]... shown on the LOGO Channel and then being "moderated/told" how to express themselves by...
mostly straight/white/women of TS and TG history just seems much closer to a Heather vs. Boogers "scenario".

Shangela said it himself last night at the reunion: "It's clocking and that is how it is!"

A conditioned feminine competition is being played out.
Hell... that is WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT.

Feminine competition.
Has nothing to do w/what's between your legs and/or even ID'g as a woman. "Feminine" is not owned by any sex/ID or gender.

You also hesitate in comparing this as a "race debate"... when I think that is EXACTLY what it is, w/overtones of class/academic/political blogging not real life rhetoric.

Traditional misogynistic terms like bitch/whore/slut are tossed around 100's times more in any given episode. Women of no history are pretty much over those words when used.

Why is there no longer this "outrage"?
Because language transitions.

ND Mitchell | May 2, 2011 11:58 AM

Just did not want a "Heather" to win!

Dawn Fontana | May 10, 2011 10:21 AM

I don't have to tell people that Raja may have won the money but he will never win the hearts of the people around him. This only proves that personality, love, talent and good looks has nothing to do with the judges choice. They were looking for that bean pole with zero favor to win this contest. Raja always looked like a man, walked like a man, spoke like a man, and its a major set back to the drag community. Drag is about entertainment and flavor...Raja lacks it all. Its the same in the straight world too. Our models are all malnutrition and ugly as hell without makeup..Sorry drag queens you are now judged next to a underfeed queen with no personality to call his own.