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Jake turned 11 this week. I can't believe my baby is 11.

journey.jpgI've been gone a long time. I'm sorry. I've been trying to hold in all that has been going on for me. Sit with it. Consider it.

Jake is a beautiful little boy. Ooops, young man. He wants to shave. He could, mind you, but we've been trying to tell him to wait as long as possible.

Being young is so hard. You always want to be older than you are. When you're old, you simply want to be young. Is anyone satisfied?

I've come to realize I've replicated my youth in my adulthood. It is something I'm writing a great deal about.

Yes, I have been writing.

Blogging is an interesting outlet for me. I get to say my deepest feelings to people near and far. I am the most honest when I write in this space.

There are times, when I cannot be that honest.

Forgive me.

Obama is seeking re-election. Japan is a tragedy. Libya is stunning, as well as the whole Middle East. I will write about those things. As always, with a touch of my personal experience.

But I realize I must hold some things in. I must hold them till they hurt.

I have been. Eventually, I will share that journey. I simply cannot right now.

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Seeingeyegrrl | April 9, 2011 12:40 PM

Sara, always enjoy the things you share in your writing. Was just rereading some of my personal blog from the last 3 years and 'reading between the lines' of the things I chose not to write about where others would see. I am not sure why....the vanity of not wanting to appear as human as I really am, the desire to keep some of the pain, hurt, anger in a private, sacred space; not wanting to doesn't really matter but in this season of the internet...there can be some things that are not shared, or shared only when the time is right...and that is perfectly and wonderfully fine. Share, or not, when you are ready. Your insights and vulnerablity have already enriched my life. When it is your truth and life, you can choose what to share. No need to apoligize.

We'll be here waiting when you're ready to share

Even though I write about stuff that's a lot less personal than what you write about, it's getting to the point with me where if I can't be 100% honest and as truthful as I know how to be, there's just no point in writing about something.