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WBC: God H8S U

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If you thought yesterday's half hour video about a "supernatural spell being cast in public schools" was horrendous, wait until you check out Westboro Baptist Church's latest video, "GOD H8S." This video is chockfull of Biblical misinterpretation, their hateful parodies of pop songs, Jew and gay bashing, and some of the most hateful and ignorant hate-in-the-name-of-Jeebus you'll ever see.

Be warned, this usurpation of Adam Bouska's NOH8 campaign is absolutely despicable. It will piss you off - but, then again, it's meant to get under your skin. Just as with their funeral protests, they're just trying to provoke bad feelings in people. Because that's what God told them to do, right? At least that's how they tell it in their video.

My favorite part? The Holy Spirit was somehow in the Old Testament even though it doesn't appear in the Bible until the New Testament once Christ was killed.

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Since we all know that their tactics are to be inflammatory so that others will spread their messages through popular media and we also know that they hope that individuals will cross the line providing them with even more media attention and potential grounds for justified litigation that will continue to finance their church, WHY do we insist on playing into their game and giving them a platform with which to broadcast their sentiments?

They are a largely harmless group. They know so well not to DO anything, since it would open them up for litigation. Their game is to provoke others to do things against them and to get media attention.

The most crippling blow against them was when Anonymous shut down their website. We should do the same on our end and just stop giving them attention, media space, or infamy. They have no power when they have no voice.

Well said, thank you. Why would I want to waste 25 minutes watching this?

I agree, this should not even be discussed, there is nothing new here

Because those who don't keep an eye on the enemy will always be vulnerable to a sneak attack.

"Hell is the bitch slap of Love"??? rotflmao

I say "thank you" to Rev. Phelps and his inbred army of brainwashed kin! Every time they open their mouths more people are aligned with equality and sympathy towards gay people. They are in many ways our greatest ally without even knowing it. But seriously, who could watch this whole thing? What a hoot of stupidity!