May 23, 2011


Programming Note: The New Bilerico Launch

Filed by Bil Browning | May 23, 2011 | 7:00 PM | comments

All of our months of hard work have paid off and we're finally happy with the look and feel of the Bilerico facelift. The site might be offline for a short time later this evening as we rebuild BilericoRead More

The Recession Can Aid in LGBT Equality

Filed by Matt Comer | May 23, 2011 | 6:00 PM | comments

Jim Daly, president and CEO of Focus on the Family, admits the struggle for LGBT equality in marriage is all but lost for the religious right.Read More

TAKE ACTION: Comment Blast the Facebook Pages of Homophobic Companies

Filed by Jake Weinraub | May 23, 2011 | 5:00 PM | comments

Each of these organizations is a board member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry and responsible for the chamber's lobbying for anti-gay religious right hate legislation.Read More

New York Times Multimedia Package Highlights Teens' Coming Out Stories

Filed by Adam Polaski | May 23, 2011 | 4:00 PM | comments

LGBT life and politics has hit the mainstream news in the past year more than ever before.Read More

Lisa Lampanelli and the Westboro Baptist Church

Filed by Jake Weinraub | May 23, 2011 | 3:00 PM | comments

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli vowed to donate $1000 to the Gay Men's Health Crisis in the names of every Westboro Baptist Church protestor who showed up to her Topeka, KA show.Read More

High Schools Teach LGBT Studies Classes

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 23, 2011 | 2:00 PM | comments

There is an appropriate discussion to be had whenever something as fluid as queer culture and something as big as queer history are taught about curriculum.Read More

Cool Like Rachel: Glee's Lea Michele Inspires Child of Gay Dads

Filed by Dana Rudolph | May 23, 2011 | 1:00 PM | comments

Actor Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, a character with gay dads, stopped while filming in New York to speak with a 10-year-old fan who has two dads.Read More


Trevor Project Opens Call-In Center on Milk Day

Filed by Bil Browning | May 23, 2011 | 12:00 PM | comments

Projector Sean Chapin sends in this video montage featuring speeches from Harvey Milk's campaign manager Anne Kronenberg and The Trevor Project co-founder James Lecesne. It includes the ribbon-cutting ceremony and everyone singing happy birthday.Read More

Gay Liberal Radio Talk Show Host Stephanie Miller at Long Beach Pride

Filed by Karen Ocamb | May 23, 2011 | 11:00 AM | comments

National Radio Talk Show Host Stephanie Miller kicking off Pride Season as the Grand Marshal of the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade. Video by Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges.Read More

Protest again Sexism in France around Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the Media

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 23, 2011 | 10:00 AM | comments

While Americans have been hearing about French people who downplay the importance of rape, the people I've been hanging around sound much more approving of "American justice."Read More

Love Will Not Keep You HIV-Negative

Filed by Anthony Carter | May 23, 2011 | 8:30 AM | comments

Most of the HIV positive people I know became infected in the course of a relationship. After talking with a good friend from overseas, I was informed of this incredible theory. My brilliant ally and I discussed at length the...Read More


Sorry for Something

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 23, 2011 | 7:30 AM | comments

"I apologize. The fan said something to me that I thought was disrespectful, and I got caught up in the moment, and I said something that I shouldn't have said. I was frustrated and I don't mean no disrespect to...Read More

LGBT Antidiscrimination Laws Will Molest Your Daughter

Filed by Alex Blaze | May 23, 2011 | 7:00 AM | comments

An ad for a bill in Tennessee that would outlaw LGBT antidiscrimination legislation passed at the local level, which takes footage from an ad from Florida in 2008....Read More