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Dear GOProud

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Dear GOProud,

pink-elephant.jpgWhen you refer to gay people who are centrist, independent, liberal, progressive, nonpolitical, socialist, leftist, left-libertarian, and center-right as "the gay left," it sounds like you don't really know much about politics other than "Cut taxes! Privatize wealth but socialize risk! Let rich people and corporations do whatever they want! Anyone who disagrees with any of those is a communist!"

That may, in fact, be your understanding of public policy. I merely suggest you feign some shame in holding that worldview instead of proudly promoting it on the radio.



P.S. It's perplexing when y'all get mad at gays for not loving you as much as you think straight conservatives do, but then spend 80% of your energy scolding gays and apologizing for noticing even blatant homophobia in your own party. We have a way of not loving people who go on the radio and talk about how horrible we are to advance their own career and ideological goals.

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All I can add to the above is, one of the narcissists running GOProud had nothing better to do with his time, apparently, than try to engage in a Twitter flame war with me (and who the hell am I?! Nobody!). All for the egregious sin of pointing out that not all gay people or our allies appreciate the way certain people in his organization toady to power and ignore the obvious homophobia that has heretofore been institutionalized in the Republican/conservative political machine. Seeing them kicked out of CPAC was the period at the end of my sentence; it proved what I had been saying and I think this person wanted to take it out on someone, and I was lucky enough to be in the crosshairs, so to speak.

P.S.: Alex, is that photo from the Elephant Parade in Amsterdam in 2009? There were soo many gorgeously decorated animals around the city; my partner and I have many photos, a small statuette and matching tattoos copying one of our favorite designs. :-)

There's also that "working to promote and elect religious ideologues who actively hate you and seek to cultivate that hate in the voting public in order to win elections" thing too.

Anonymous | May 15, 2011 7:29 PM

I think people should leave GOProud alone. They're just looking for attention because no one else from their party considers them a real organization.

I am generally loathe to toss around phrases like "self-hating" and "internalized homophobia," but the public statements I've seen from Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia seem to typify what those phrases mean.

One might have thought that the organization's experience with the last CPAC would have forced some re-evaluation of means, if not ends, but apparently the members -- or at least the leadership -- of GOProud share the "conservative" characteristic of selective deafness.

I don't know that much about the organization itself, but I do wonder -- are any of them non-white? And are any of them any less than financially comfortable? That might explain a lot.

I know, as an actual member of the Socialist Party USA, and a leftist, it irritates me to no end to see right wingers call centrists (and other right wingers) the "left". Another pet peeve is people conflating "leftist" and "liberal"-these words do not mean the same thing and most of the latter are not really the former.

I made sure to Tweet this so they'd see it. :)

Leigh Anne | May 16, 2011 3:51 PM

That is an adorable elephant! Credits?

Marc Paige | May 16, 2011 6:16 PM

GOProud and LCR wouldn't bother me so much if they had any successes to point to. But 30 years into the gay Republican movement, and the GOP has never been worse on LGBT issues.

Don't gays, in general, always lump the adversaries into easy categories, though? This group is no different. More often it's homophobe=Caucasian=racist=Republican=xenophobe=misogynist..etc. Either way it' thinking.

Good work GoProud. You have these libtards worked up in a frenzy, and their true intolerant selves are shining through. Thank God for GoProud. It's an awesome organization that I'm proud to support.