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High Schools Teach LGBT Studies Classes

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Mercury News reports on a couple of schools that offer LGBT studies as electives in the Bay Area: queer-books.jpg

Will Grant, who teaches The Athenian's "Gay Pride, Gender Outlaws and Radical Love" class, said Proposition 8, approved by voters in 2008, was a catalyst. That law banned same-sex marriage and is being contested in the courts.

"(Students) see this as a critical civil rights issue," Grant said. "They want to know more."
He had 18 students the first time he taught the class and has 16 for the current one-semester class, with a waiting list of five to 10 students.

Eric de Lora, who teaches the one-semester "LGBT (Queer) History" class at Maybeck, said there were 14 students when he first taught the one-semester class last year. He said there are many topics that make the class important, such as the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays in the military and anti-gay bullying that has led to youth suicides. But he said what made the class come about is student interest.

There's more at the link, and there is an appropriate discussion to be had whenever something as fluid as queer culture and something as big as queer history are taught about curriculum.

But the important thing here is that there is a class happening on this topic, and, unless Mercury News missed the real headline, students aren't turning to a life of crime, kicking dogs, or having bareback orgies in the street as a result of this class. img src

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This is awesome. One of the most interesting LGBT debates for me in the past year has been the education/curriculum debate, so I'm glad to see it gaining some traction in schools. Awesome stuff - not because I think it should be used to promote anti-bullying sentiments, but because it's history! It's an important part of our contemporary history, and it needs to be acknowledged.