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Israeli PM Heckled Before Joint Session of Congress

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Benjamin_Netanyahu_portrait.jpgThe AP is reporting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was heckled this morning during his speech to a joint session of Congress.

A heckler briefly interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress before U.S. Capitol police removed the protester from the chamber.

As Netanyahu was addressing a joint meeting of Congress, a woman in the gallery stood and shouted, "no more occupation, end Israeli war crimes."

Police immediately hustled her out of the gallery and Netanyahu continued speaking.

This comes after Mr. Netanyahu was heckled by Jewish left activists during his speech to AIPAC yesterday.

There's no video available at the time of this writing, but CNN has a live blog up. The gist of today's speech is that the issue is about recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. He called on Mahmoud Abbas to stand before his people and say, "'I will accept a Jewish state.' Those six words will change history."

According to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Netanyahu said about the heckler, "I appreciate that protesting is allowed," adding "this is the real democracy."


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The heckler was drowned out by all of congress giving the Prime Minster a standing ovation. Its unsettling how bipartisan congress was in its unabated adoration for the Prime Minster.

Good for her. This Jewess thinks Netanyahu has gotten a free pass for far too long. There will never be real talks under his watch... he's slick with the 'democratic PR' when the world is watching but is one of the worst things to happen to Israel (and Palestinians) in the last 20 years. And I'm curious if Mahmoud Abbas would be allowed to address congress?

It's amazing to me that out of so many countries in the world, Israel is like the troubled child. They're always acting up, throwing tantrums, demanding special privileges, and want you to feel sorry for them when they get in trouble. But you still love them anyways.