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Joe Solmonese ♥ President Obama

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"There can be no doubt that President Barack Obama has improved the lives of LGBT Americans more than any president in history. As with any movement for sweeping social change, our opponents have put up roadblocks along the way, but the president has been an unwavering ally who has delivered on promises both great and small. Much more remains to be done, which is why ensuring that President Obama is able to continue the forward momentum toward equality for another term must be a top priority of our community."

-- Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese in an editorial for the Advocate endorsing President Obama's re-election campaign. The GOP hasn't even found a candidate yet.

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I will support the President for re-election. However, I am disgusted about his non-support of same sex marriage, especially since he endorsed it in 1996 when he ran for Illinois state Senate.
If you are in doubt about supporting him. I ask you to imagine any of the Republican candidates as President and the support we would receive from them. The answer is none. I also believe if we get a Republican President,Senate,and House of Representatives,we will be facing a massive rollback of our rights. I believe there is a hatred of gays, and they will spare no effort to write their views into law.

"There can be no doubt that President Barack Obama has improved the lives of LGBT Americans more than any president in history."

So what? A good, solid argument could be made that this is true, but the bar has been set so low by past presidents that it's actually a pretty meaningless statement.

Progress is progress. And this is a President whom we can talk to, and make demands of, and he responds. Of course it's always going to be less than I want.

Why the rush with an endorsement? Joe Solmonese has turned his back on gay Fred Karger. He hasn't allowed Jon Huntsman and other potential GOP candidates to state their positions. More importantly, he hasn't given time for a progressive Democrat to consider challenging Obama in the Democratic primaries.

Progress is progress, but not all progress is equal. Neither are you, Dr. Weiss. And you never will be so long as you are willing to support a party that has always and will always sell you out the moment they take office because we refuse to hold them accountable. I love recycling, but they way the "progress is progress we'll always be willing to settle for baby steps" crowd regurgitates that exact same script every four years is foul.

Some of are are just comfortable enough with the status quo that we are willing to defend it rather than risk our comforts. We can TALK to any President we want to. That's not the same thing as them listening, or them obeying. But then again, those who argue that Obama is our guy seem not to care that "their guy" hasn't kept a single promise he made when he was running for office, nor do they seem able to notice how there's been no CHANGE at all in any significant way since Bush's days. Some of us not so invested in our faith in Obama see this as closer to a Bush Third Term than anything worth defending.

We can have a crush on any celebrity we want to. But let's not call that politics and let's not expect others to share your faith. And it is faith, no less faith than the Christian fundies have towards the Republicans. We judge politicians by what they do, not by what they say. We, as citizens, doing PR for politicians. We hold them accountable, we pressure them when they are not, we vote for them if they do the work we demand they to.

WE have shitty politics if the only "victory" the queer community has as a result of the Barack Obama 2008 Hope and Change campaign is that a few us of get to join the military and kill for oil in two wars the President promised to end. No ENDA, No repeal of DOMA, No EFCA, Iraq War not over, Afghanistan War not over, we're now paying for Obama's paying back Wall Street his election...

"Vote for Obama" is so 2008. In 2012, American politicians are just not good enough. After the Tunisian Revolution, Egyptian Revolution, and Wisconsin, it would be a step backward to vote for "at least he's not a Republican." And that's the best even the most ass-kissing party hack from the Democratic Party can honestly say about Obama. Real progress won't come from Obama. He said that himself in his campaign. I don't understand why you don't believe your president. Real progress comes from people, not politicians, to Washington, not from Washington.