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Lady Gaga Talks About Being Bullied as a Girl

Filed By Karen Ocamb | May 19, 2011 5:00 PM | comments

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In this clip (via Mediaite) from a documentary to be aired on MTV on May 26, Lady Gaga - who just placed Number 1 on the famed Forbes Celebrity 100 list - talks about how hearing stories from her fans about being bullied helped her access the painful memories of being bullied herself as a girl by kids on her block.

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If she's being earnest, this is sad, and it's great that she's been such a vocal supporter of the community. I'm not the biggest fan of her spectacle, but I do appreciate what she's done. So if she wants to share a bullying memory - we all have one or two, though, don't we? - then sure, she can do that.

Too bad about the racism!

I find her numerous bullying narratives to be all far too convenient to be earnest (and apparently, her narrative about being outcast is contested by former schoolmates). No doubt that she's been bullied (who hasn't?), but I feel that what we're getting is an "inspired by true events" tale designed to endear and sell. Eat up, Little Monsters.

Yeah, 'cause obviously the former classmates that she says bullied her would be totally honest about it.

More people should be talking about this issue. Everyone's been bullied, and I don't think it's a natural part of childhood, just a normalized part of childhood in our society.

Paige Listerud | May 20, 2011 7:29 PM

Okay. You know what? I detect a level of callousness in the previous comments regarding her confession.

Being picked up--bodily picked up--and thrown into a trash can is not at all like just being laughed at or verbally harassed. It's not an average "everybody gets bulled" moment. It's a physical attack. It is on the same level of being the target of "smear the queer."

Now, you either believe Gaga is lying and just trying to garner media attention and get greater cred from her fans, who are largely LGBTQ, or you don't.

Agreed. She does a lot of theatrical stuff, but there wasn't anything artificial to that little confession.