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Lesbian Outed at School for Holding Hands with Girlfriend

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Two lesbian students in Pompano Beach, Florida, were told repeatedly by the principal that they weren't allowed to hold hands on campus, something that they kept on doing because they saw that straight students were allowed to hold hands.

hand-holding-student.pngAt one point, the principal rode up on his golf cart, told the girls to "stop do[ing] that," and took them to the office. He called their parents, outing one of the girls to her mother in the process.

The students wrote to the superintendent saying that they shouldn't be held to a different standard, and here's the response they got:

"It is my understanding that the holding of hands on campus is not an acceptable practice at Blanche Ely High School. This practice is applicable to all students, regardless of age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, national origin, religious sects, as identified in School Board's Nondiscrimination Policy."

What's makes this story interesting is that the girls did not go through an org to get word out, but took it upon themselves to make sure people know what's going on here and to complain to the school board. A local paper covered the story (linked above) and local TV has as well (can't be embedded, img from that video).

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This happened repeatedly to LGBTQ couples at my high school. Never back down to a double standard, and fight for your rights. Luckily, our school DID have a GSA (under the guise of "No Hate Club," unfortunately obscuring much of its purpose to appeal to a broader crowd). Some of that prejudice is disappearing, but principals basically attack what makes them uncomfortable, not what breaks the rules.

Regan DuCasse | May 17, 2011 3:00 PM

Ashley, that's very generous of you to say they only attack what makes them uncomfortable. I'd say they are attacking what's EASY to attack. The very adults that claim they do this to LGBT students, like to believe there is a higher moral purpose in treating them this way. I consider it cowardly and contradictory.

Apparently there are schools more active in shaming and naming gay young people showing each other affection, than they are in doing so to bullies who violate them and other kids.

To be this ambivalent and impossibly hypocritical needs to be pointed out.
This is what confuses kids, not witnessing such casual behavior in front of their peers.
And yes, especially the double standard of op sex couples being able to be open with their casual affection can't be emphasized enough.

DIY activism is the best kind.

Alex, I'm confident that Broward Schools are taking this new investigation very seriously. I pray that these two young ladies find the support they need from their family during this time.

I will hopefully be able to report back on this topic with more positive news.

Isn't this simply legalized bullying and harassment of young adults by older adults with authority? Shouldn't this be condemned as much as kids harassing other kids because they're gay?