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Military Training on DADT Repeal

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The AP covers Marine training on DADT repeal.

What's interesting here isn't the training itself, which has been discussed before. It's the reaction. The message that the military put on top of everything is that you don't have to give up your religious beliefs to work with someone who's gay or bisexual, something that we'd think is so basic that everyone would get it.

But two people in the video respond with something like: "If homosexuality is against my religion, why can't I request not to work with someone?" To which I'd respond: "If being dogmatic and ignorant is against my religion, why can't I request not to work with you? Oh, right, if my religion prohibits me from doing something that doesn't give me the legal right to impose that on everyone else."

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Yes ... but Alex, your retort would get the trainer in trouble when all the fundamentalist Christians in the room complain about how he insulted their religious beliefs. But similar come-backs could include:

• "Do you think all the racists in the military should be allowed not to work with the black soldiers?"

• "Do you think we should allow all the Muslim soldiers to not work with the Jewish or Christian soldiers?"

• "Do you think that the atheist soldiers who think religion is a form of superstition should be allowed not to work with people of any faith?"

• "Do you think the pro-life soldiers should be allowed to refuse to work with a woman who has had an abortion?"

It is not difficult to demonstrate that sexuality is not the only difference that can cause dis-affinities between people.