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Sally Kern Is Sorry

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"We have a high percentage of blacks in prison, and that's tragic, but are they in prison just because they are black or sally-kern.pngbecause they don't want to study as hard in school? I've taught school, and I saw a lot of people of color who didn't study hard because they said the government would take care of them."

Recently, the insightful and always on the money Kate Clinton posted a Trump This Racist Award to one Sally Kern from Oklahoma. While I agree with the dubious achievement both earned and then lauded by Ms. Clinton, I want to say: let's applaud the out and out bigotry and just plain stupidity of our fellow Americans.

Unlike most folk of color, I enjoy my racism, hatred, and just plain nonsense uncensored, out front and to the point. When this happens, I can successfully navigate what I will do.

Although I don't consider myself necessarily that politically astute, my Republican friends always remind me that being bold and stupid can and often goes hand in hand.

It is clear that you have to have a serious set of cajones to say the things that get said with a straight face and a healthy smug dose of "Oh, I thought everyone knew this" attitude. Ms. Kern, in all her brilliance, is no exception to this rule.

When she recently made the above statement it was with a very straight face and a healthy dollop of "I am simply pointing out the obvious and why there should be no further thought on this situation."

Personally, I was waiting for the clouds to part and angels to descend with stone tablets.

This would let all mere mortals know that we were indeed in the presence of something truly sublime. She could have been brave, considerably less racist/classist if the statement would have been: "Yes, there is a high percentage of blacks in the penal system and it is time for this to stop."

See, that was real simple and I'm black.

I forgot to mention that I'm gay so that makes me a threat along the lines of terrorism. I should quit while I'm ahead. Ms. Kern, what were you thinking? What is even more frightening is the fact that we live in a culture that is under high surveillance and very little privacy and she felt that this type of thinking could be freely shared without any serious backlash.

Maybe she thought the thinking and vocal black population was all behind bars or waiting for the government to tell them what to do. That was the first mistake and misstep.

The assumption is that she could say anything about a group of people based on a very limited scope and interaction and then trot it out as theory and the basis for an entire population. Mistake number two.

In all fairness, she did make an attempt to right her wrongs and bring a heartfelt response once she realized her error.

Here is what was offered before her marketing trolls told her she better clean it up.

"I'm sorry you found that offensive."

Is it me or is this just plain delicious? This is some half-assed shit if I've ever seen it.

It is clearly a way of saying don't attack me. I'm a good person and no matter what you think or feel I am still right.

People this is not an apology. How can anybody apologize on somebody else's behalf because of somebody else's feelings?

Confused? Me too.

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My cousin has a theory that the idea behind all these growing outlandish statements is that individuals say them, people are shocked, they "apologize", but then the statement becomes marginally more acceptable because people have now been exposed and consequently numbed by it (if not inspired). So then it becomes even more okay to say the next thing which is even worse until people feel free to say the most vile and prejudiced things they want to.

All of these are the support beams toward increasing acceptance of open bigotry and prejudice.

Eric Payne | May 9, 2011 9:27 PM

I agree with your cousin, Luminum, to a point. And, I believe, the point we differ on also needs to be addressed.

The politicians say things, the public reacts negatively, the politicians make their apologies... but I think the politicians knew exactly what they were saying all along.

They can't come out and say: "I'm a hateful bigot who would round up everyone not white and not Christian and imprison them - if not just outright have them killed!"

But they can sure let the voters know that's what they always meant... and attract those voters who feel the same way they do.

John R. Selig | May 9, 2011 11:11 PM

At least Sally is an equal opportunity bigot!

She's sorry. A sorry excuse for a human being.

Zoe, you snatched those words right out of my mouth ... or off my keyboard, as it were!

Rick Sutton | May 10, 2011 5:50 AM

Thanks, Anthony. This hate-mongering needs to be called out, and we need to STOP accepting "apologies."

Ala Kobe Bryant.

Luminum and Eric are exactly correct. It's just like parenting: if you establish a corral of acceptable behavior with a fence, and if that corral is constantly moved out,'s hardly noticeable. But over time, when you look back, the corral has moved a lot.

It flashes across all aspects of our culture--clothing, music, media---but speech is the ultimate "crap flows downhill" medium. To stop this slide, we need to aggressively call-out bad behavior and demand loud, full, non-retracted apologies AND retribution. We need to eliminate the 48-hour boomerang apology.

We need to extract something from these fools that lets them know they cannot use hate speech successfully.

I know of nothing besides money that makes these people sober up quickly. So at the risk of sounding crass....make 'em write a huge check to some cause or charity.

If someone has a better idea, please speak up. If we were HALF as relentless on our follow-up AFTER the "apologies," that corral might move back where it belongs. Or reasonably close.

california panda | May 10, 2011 6:17 AM

She wouldn't be in office if the people in her district didn't approve of and share her views. It's that simple. She's on what? Her 4th term?

I agree - I prefer my bigotry out and out. No excuses can be made.

Aren't they always "sorry" they got busted being racist/homophobic/etc? Not sorry they did it, sorry they got caught.

Rick Sutton | May 10, 2011 11:17 AM

Yes. But I want some Kobe bling.

As a current Oklahoma resident I can only hang my head in shame that an elected official in my adopted state could be so incredibly insensitive and just downright stupid!!! But since this is not her first time at the Rodeo, we can only conclude that she is a bigot in all the areas of her life.

she is certainly a religious bigot, suggesting that "the gay agenda" (whatever the hell that is!!??) is a worse threat to America then the Muslin extremist's threats of terrorism! Now she has decided to go after blacks and poor people.

She may have been a teacher for many years but she has learned nothing about humanity and compassion. I hope that the voters of good conscience in her district will finally get rid of this national embarrassment to Oklahoma!

We already have enough of a problem as one of the most homophobic states in the union, do we really need to harbor one of the most insidious racists in America as well?

NO, we don't!

I have to agree with Al.

Former Governor Mario Cuomo once said something to effect that there are those politicians who make us feel good about our prejudices.

Sally Kern is such a person.

I feel certain that she is homophobic and racist. She probably also believe that her religion, whatever that is, is the Only True One.

What an ego people like that have! It would never occur to them the remotest possiblity that they could conceivably be wrong.

But what really ticks me off about this is her apology - I'm sorry about how you feel. Can anyone see the logic in this? I can't. what kind of apology is that. A simple, "I'm sorry," would suffice.

But these are just my thoughts, and I might be wrong. I don't have all the answers. Heck, I don't even have all the questions yet.

That Kern ever taught school makes me physically ill.

Why is she still around? For gods sake, the woman is a bigot and won't ever be anything else.

She was a teacher? Great! Ignorant bitch teaching her bigotry to the next generation. "And the award for Most Embarrassing Thing about Oklahoma goes to..."