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TAKE ACTION: Comment Blast the Facebook Pages of Homophobic Companies

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John Aravosis from AMERICAblog Gay sent us this important action announcement:facebook_logo.png

Please visit the Facebook pages of each of the companies who are responsible for the hateful law passed in Tennessee last week that will repeal gay and trans municipal civil rights protections (and protections for every other minority), and ban cities in the state from every passing any civil rights law ever again, for anybody.

According to Aravosis, each of these organizations is a board member of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, responsible for the chamber's endorsement of, and lobbying for, this religious right hate legislation. He writes, "we only have a few days to convince the governor to veto the bill - these companies need to help fix this problem now."

These pages offer a very public forum to have our voices heard on this issue, and if we blast them, our demands cannot be ignored.

Aravosis provides this list of Facebook pages: click "like" on the page in order to comment:

For comment inspiration, here are links to AMERICAblog Gay's open letter, Facebook action page, and blog post summarizing the issue.

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Whirlpool has already decided to take action and speak out against the bill! Let's hope the others follow suit!


Not until Mr Aravosis stops being a transphobic jerk and holds himself as accountable as he wants the listed businesses to be.

For the record, I contacted all the companies that I use. I also had my employer contact them from our CFO's office. Just can't support the trans-erasing of Mr. Aravosis or use use of trans people to support his gay-only agenda.

Also, I remembered that both Neil Patrick Harris and Jane Lynch are spokespeople for Comcast Xfinity. I've posted on her Facebook page asking her to take a stand as Comcast's spokesperson, especially when they knew in advance about the bill and did nothing while doing business with her!

They both such great examples of out, working lesbian and gay actors and I hope they'll take a stand.

Unfortunately, NPH doesn't have a wall on his Facebook page, but Jane's does:


Ted Hayes Ted Hayes | May 24, 2011 7:42 AM

I wrote to xFinity and this is the response I received:

"Ted, At Comcast, we believe it's simple: discrimination is wrong. Our policy of non-discrimination provides the same protections to all our employees, whether in Tennessee or any other state. Consistent with that, we don't support Tennessee SB632/HB600. Comcast agrees with the NGLCC, ‘No one should be judged by his or her sexual orientation or gender identity in the workplace. In this delicate economic climate, diminishing the rights of LGBT people sends the wrong signal across Tennessee and around the country. Please let me know if you have nay further questions."