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The Asian Pride Project Needs Your Help

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Many communities of color contend with the double challenge of integrating their applogo.jpgqueerness with their ethnicity and cultural heritage. Often times, many communities of color perceive queerness as being a primarily white phenomenon, and that any examples within their own communities are examples of cultural penetration by dominant western society. This occurs markedly so in Asian American & Pacific Islander communities which navigate a complicated relationship with issues like immigration, westernization, assimilation, and maintaining cultural identity.

It is often misperceived by the prevailing discourse in the media regarding people of color and LGBT & queer issues that people of color are more homophobic than white folk, or that parents who are black, brown, and yellow are more likely to have a negative reaction to their children coming out than white parents. The Asian Pride Project seeks to dispel this myth by documenting the stories of LGBT AAPI folk and their families.

Through community building and organizing, The Asian Pride Project empowers the parents, family, and friend of LGBT AAPIs to speak publicly about their journeys to acceptance as a model that other AAPI families and friends can look to when their own family member comes out.

Currently, the Asian Pride Project is competing for a grant from Verizon to support their efforts in documenting these precious and uplifting stories. If you would like to help The Asian Pride Project, go to this video and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Verizon - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month website: http://www.facebook.com/verizonapahm

2. "Like" the Verizon page, by clicking the "Like" button at the top of the page.

3. Then, click the "Like" button that appears under our Asian Pride Project video.

4. Then, forward this to your friends so they can help us too!

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Eh, I think the issue is that popular usage of "people of color" is in reference to darker skinned races and nationalities.

Rarely have I heard POC being used to mean Asian, just mostly black and Hispanic.

Asians, on the other hand, pretty much show to trump both white and other POC's in terms of acceptance. Perhaps it's a religious discrepancy, although western religion/spirituality is slowly but surely creeping into Asian communities as well. In California you have pretty sizable Christian Asian communities going on.

Wow, Lucrece, that's some in-credible information thee. I'm having trouble knowing where to start. Asians "trump" white folks in racism? Guess we better alert the KKK that they should be pushing yellow power, not white.

Did you know that my home state of Oregon had laws on the books making it illegal for Asians to own property right up until some 5-10 years ago?

PS, Asia is a big place, a continent in fact. And Asian people have a wide variety of skin tones.


Asians do trump white and other POC's statistically in acceptance of gay people-- read again.

P.S. Pay attention to the context. He alluded to "yellow" in reference to perceptions on Asians. It's assumed that the Asians being discussed are neither black or mulatto/mestizo.

P.S.S. Jesus, get some damn glasses and just stop posting reactively. Where the hell in my comment was there any mention of racism, let alone talk of racial oppression toward other races, or on Asians themselves?

Ah, I see the communication error - I read "acceptance" as in how well society accepts said racial population, whereas I now hear you were talking about how well said racial population accepts LGBTQ folks. I actually did read and re-read your comment several times and that's the interpretation that made sense to me. In part because I was looking at context, and you were discussing how Asians don't count as POC.

As for skin tone, it can actually quite varied within any racial group, colloquial descriptions as "red," "yellow," "brown," "black," and "white" aside. For instance, I have a friend who is black yet has lighter skin than I do (being Native I would be referred to as "red," and my) and I have another friend who is white, yet has darker skin than I.

People might be described as "yellow" regardless of actual skin tone, and Asia/Pacific Islands cover a wide range of latitude all the way to the equator. One wouldn't have to be black or mixed (mulatto is a usually seen as a slur these days) in order to have dark skin.