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The Handsome Homo: Rep Schock's Ablicious Magazine Cover

Filed By Bil Browning | May 09, 2011 1:00 PM | comments

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Look who's adorning the cover of this month's Men's Health magazine? Why, it's closet case Illinois Republican Representative Aaron Schock.

menshealth-cover-june.jpgBest known for his fashion taste and abliciousness, the single totally gay Congressman posed for the soft core erotica fitness magazine as way to promote his beliefs about healthy living.

"One of my favorite quotes is from Ben Franklin, who said, 'A good example is the best sermon,' " Schock says. "And I think if you want to start talking about healthy lifestyles and staying in shape, then you yourself should do your best to try to be a model, an example to people you're trying to convince to do the same."

And model he does. When he strolls into a New York City studio for his photo shoot, Schock isn't sporting the typical boxy clothes that Beltway insiders wear in order to hide what's stretching their belts. Instead, he's decked out in a form-fitting Zegna suit and tapered shirt that show off both his musculature and his fashion savvy. He looks more like a hit man from a European spy thriller than a boring politician.

No, I don't see the resemblance to Alex P. Keaton. I'm thinking more along the lines of Ricky Martin. Michael J Fox wasn't nearly as cute as this handsome homo fellow. (img src)

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Bil, I'm so disappointed! ... You normally show a pretty good taste in men, but Ricky Martin has it all over this guy.

(... not sayin' I'd kick Mr. Illinois Sixpack out of my bedroom, though ...)

... and politicians need to be careful deliberately showing off their bods -- surveys indicate it causes voter to take them less seriously, good fitness example or not.

Meh, drawing on stereotypes about fashion sense and narcissism while accusing someone with little evidence of being a closet case is pretty obnoxious.

If anything, people should be annoyed that this magazine is giving such an airhead of a politician a plug (unintended pun, btw).

Apparently you can't be healthy without a shaved and oiled chest.

Men's Health is still around? You'd think decreasing homophobia and increased access to gay porn on the internet would have shut it down.