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Toward a Cure for HIV

Filed By Jake Weinraub | May 18, 2011 3:00 PM | comments

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Bay Area Doctors are continuing to monitor the progress of Timothy Ray Brown, known as "The Berlin Patient" - said to be the first man 'cured' of HIV. Since our last post on this issue, Brown's white blood cells have tested completely resistant to the virus after two bone-marrow transplants (to battle Brown's leukemia) using stem cells from a donor with HIV immunity. Doctors are calling it "functional cure."

Check out this interview with CBS 5:

I am skeptical, as Brown's case is extremely specific. According to Dr. Paul Volberding (quoted in the interview) bone marrow transplants are quite risky (not to mention expensive) - but this does represent a significant step.

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I'm glad you posted this Jake. I agree it is not a practical cure for everyone but it does show promise. It means we have new avenues to explore.

I want to believe this man has been cured, I really do. I say this not just for his sake but being in my 40s now even deep in the closet back in the 80s I remember the nightmare AIDS brought. I hope this leads to better days and an end to this disease.

Let's hope, John. Let's hope.

That's one old onion in the thumbnail image for that video.