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AIDS LifeCycle 10 Rider Reveals HIV Status to Mom

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ALC-Kenny-Norman-portrait-.jpgKenny Norman is a 23 year old from Glendale who tested HIV positive on June 9, 2009. Last year, on the anniversary of his diagnosis, he decided to participate in the AIDS LifeCycle fundraiser for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

"What I received in return for doing the ride is beyond anything imaginable, Kenny said. "I received the gift of new life and have a second chance to better myself."

This year, ImFromDriftwood.com founder Nathan Manske and guest videographer and editor Jesse James Rice, a video team serving as embedded reporters for Towleroad on the 10th annual AIDS/LifeCycle, videotaped Kenny as he came out to his mother on the telephone at a rest stop on the third day of the ride.

Just before he left for the road on Thursday, Red Dress Day, Kenny told me his mother was surprised by the news and upset that he didn't tell her earlier. He said his mother is a cancer survivor. "I felt it was really good," to tell his mother, Kenny said. "I think my mother and I will grow closer."

Watch it after the break.

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What a beautiful story. Nathan Manske and the "I'm From Driftwood" crew are really awesome.