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Andrew Sullivan: It Gets Better But...

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The idea that politicians will grant gay people equality has always been a complete delusion, says Andrew Sullivan. But it won't get better if we rely on politicians or HRC.

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Andrew Sullivan, who to me makes more and more sense as the years wear on, says something very powerful here -- but he is not saying anything new, just using new available stats to back it up.

The idea that the LGBT movement cannot succeed only via politics goes all the way back to the 60's. Blacks knew they needed more than mere politics because they only make up 14% of the population. Radical changes in black consciousness really hit its stride in the late 60's, first with SNCC and later with the Black Panthers and Black Power movements. (Back then, I thought the Black Panthers were something akin to subversives or terrorists -- I couldn't comprehend the notion that they were the young blacks that had grown up within a new consciousness and saw an even bigger picture than their previous generation. But then, I was only about 16 back then ...)

Sullivan is saying something similar about LGBT. And before him, David Goodstein and Rob Eichberg based their activism on the same message when they started The Advocate Experiece around the late 70's/early 80's, telling people that the politics can't really show a sea change until there is a substantial equivalent change in society's perspective, and that that in turn won't happen until we go thru a change in self-sense.

BTW, see the entire October 21, 2010 interview (41 minutes) [= HERE =].