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Congrats to Pam Spaulding Who's Joining Firedoglake

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One of the lessons my mother taught me was to always be weary of women - they are catty and competitive and will try to steal your man away. Well, no worries about that!

Pam Spaulding and Jane Hamsher (Photo courtesy Pam Spaulding)

But that 1950s stereotype was so inculcated in society's consciousness that it was the number one internal foe of the feminist movement. Somehow a woman's life was "All About Eve."

Of course, as an aging gay hippie Aquarian, I always hoped for a communion with women that was more utopian - a world in which women respected and helped each other and didn't play out those old stereotypes for the convenience of men. I found something akin to that fighting the AIDS crisis at its height - and when I joined the blogging world, thanks in large part to Pam Spaulding, famed African American lesbian blogger at Pam's House Blend.

Mind you - the guys have been great, especially Mike Rogers of RawStory and PageOneQ, Bil Browning at The Bilerico Project, who brought me aboard, and now my friends Anthony Duran, Syd Peterson, and Mark Hefflinger. But Pam and I had many email exchanges after I finally met her at the HRC/Logo Presidential Forum in 2007. She has always been there for me and gives a sister the 411 about the brave new world of blogging.

Word now comes from Pam and Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher who are at Netroots Nation that Pam is joining the Firedoglake family of bloggers. This is great news since it will allow Pam to get some sleep, do more blogging and not worry so much about the backstage mechanics. The new collaboration also stands as a wonderful example of how women can work well together to create even greater content to serve and challenge the Greater Good.

All the best to Pam, whose blog will be changing over in July. And thanks to both women for being so smart and brave. And with an election year approaching – I can't wait to see what happens next!

From Jane Hamsher’s post:

Pam’s House Blend has long been one of the most compelling and influential sites in the blogosphere. Founder Pam Spaulding has used the platform not only to speak out herself as a woman of color and a member of the LGBT community, but also to play host to many other fine bloggers who have worked with her to build PHB into a robust activist community.

Pam was also one of my first friends when we were both posting at Daily Kos, before Firedoglake even existed.

So it gives me great pleasure to announce that Pam’s House Blend will be joining the Firedoglake family of blogs. I think it’s a perfect union – as the task of hosting a blog and performing the tech, legal and security work to keep it up and running becomes more and more complex and expensive, it will free Pam and her fellow bloggers to spend their time doing what they do best, which is blog. It also allows us to feature the work of a really amazing group of writers on FDL, and be tremendously enriched by the PHB community.

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Congratulations, Pam! What will happen to the other bloggers on PHB?

Congrats to Pam! I guess this means she won't be getting back to me after all on our offer for her to merge with Bilerico! I knew it was down to us & FDL, but not that a decision had been made. :/