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Daily Show Ratings Beat All of Fox News

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And jubilation was found all through the Comedy Central studios... Jon Stewart's The Daily Show now has more viewers than all of the Fox News' lineup.

jon-stewart-fox-news.jpgAccording to the May Nielson ratings, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart beat the entire Fox News network in terms of total viewers. Stewart averaged 2.3 million viewers, while the Fox News prime time and day time line up averaged 1.85 million viewers.
This is why Fox News both hates and fears Jon Stewart. Not only is he more popular than they are, but he devotes much of his program to exposing the biased reporting of FNC. Even worse, Stewart is teaching his younger audience what Fox News is all about. Stewart doesn't exclusively take on Fox News. His problem is with television news in general, but since Fox is the biggest offender, they get most of his attention.

Jon Stewart is the biggest threat to Fox News' future out there. He is literally teaching his audience, which is bigger than FNC's, how to see through the partisan propaganda that Rupert Murdoch has based his network on. Stewart is educating an entire generation of viewers on how to watch cable news, or more specifically how not to watch Fox News.

Fox is bleeding younger viewers primarily. Their demographic now skews older than the Hallmark Channel, History Channel, and the Golf Channel. The average age for a Fox News viewer is 65.

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The title of the article is misleading. Their argument is the Daily Show viewership vs. the daily average of FOX News viewership, but those aren't really comparable. If you read closely you'll see it says Bill O'Reilly has 500,000 more viewers than the Daily Show--but that's the only program on FOX News that has more. If you want to compare daily averages Comedy Central has half that of FOX News. Also, FOX News has more viewers than any other cable news network. Let's not fool ourselves with this false comparison.

It simply means more people watch The Daily Show than Fox News. Not too hard to understand.