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Eminem Revives Lady Gaga Trans Rumor

Filed By Bil Browning | June 05, 2011 2:30 PM | comments

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No matter how many times he sings with Elton John, Eminem just can't help being a horse's ass.

Notice around the 3:10 mark where he says, "Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office, she's still a male lady." Not that the whole "Lady Gaga has a penis" rumor hasn't been thoroughly debunked already, but "a male lady?" Really?

See today's Quote of the Day for my general feelings on this one.

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Oh, that's almost as "good" a turn of phrase as that "window pane" thing. Ah, the words of a man desperately flailing away at his own increasing irrelevance.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | June 5, 2011 4:26 PM

The "trans/penis" stuff concerning Lady GaGa really dies hard, and in fact doesn't seem to be dead at all. A couple of weeks ago my other half Jerry and I attended a wonderful production of "The King and I" at Footlight Musicals in Indianapolis, marred a bit by a loudmouth just behind us who kept insisting so that everyone around her could hear that Lady GaGa possessed some rather un-ladylike equipment. (This was well before the Anthony Weiner episode, so I don't think she was confused over her news stories.) Finally, Jerry turned around and informed her that her premise had been thoroughly debunked. To which she replied: "Well, have YOU seen Lady GaGa with her clothes off?" To which he responded: "No, but I haven't see YOU with your clothes off, either but I'll bet that you're a lady." Her father simply smiled. People continue to believe what they want to believe.

Paige Listerud | June 5, 2011 10:04 PM

Maybe Eminem wants Lady Gaga to have a real, live penis. She still won't date you, white rapper.

Paige, I suspect that it is all a cover up....Eminem is covering up that he/she/m2f/f2m is trans-something; possibly trans-species(he hopes to be human soon)

Paige Listerud | June 5, 2011 10:27 PM

I think you've nailed it, Maura.

Is it possible to NOT throw around the suggestion of someone being trans as an insult... even if he is a total a-hole?

Sorry Gina---the comment was specifically to imply that he was not human

Om Kalthoum | June 6, 2011 11:28 AM

Gina, you sound a bit like those old fogeys who rail about how the homosexuals did a terrible injustice to the word, "gay," because now they can't use it to mean anything other than homosexual-related. Or maybe it's that you sound like the rigid gay activists who insist that anyone who uses the word, "homosexual," has evil intent or is a self-loathing gay person. I get so confused about these semantic issues.

Anyway, I don't read "trans-species" as having to do with any of the myriad transgender/transsexual/trans*/people of some sort of trans history thing.

Of course, you are welcome to trans-late this anyway you want.

I have heard a version of the Christmas song "Deck the Halls" in which the line "don we now our gay apparel" has been altered to "don we now our fine apparel," so as to not use the "offending" word.

Om Kalthoum | June 6, 2011 2:52 PM

Then, too, I'll admit to being a bit irritated when I had a TIVO and would try to record GLBT content, and of course I ended up with everything Marcia Gay Harden had ever been in. :)

'Trans species' I have no problem with. But when anyone uses MTF or FTM as an insult (as Dan Savage offensively did last year), then yes, I'm going to speak up about it no matter who it is and who it's against. Om, I don't know if you're trans-ID'd or whatever, (I notice you love to comment on trans-related threads but I've never heard you share one bit of personal information about your own situation) but if you open your eyes, calling people you don't like trans is practiced regularly in mainstream culture. The standard insult for women these days is "uggh, she looks like a tranny/looks like man/looks like a shemale... blah, blah). Not okay to use trans people as a standard of ugliness/shame or 'dirty secret.'

The joke she objected to explicitly compared the fanciful "trans-species" to real trans people. If you "don't read" them as having anything to do with each other, then you just didn't read period.

Revives? I did not even know that there was a Lady Gaga "trans" rumor. (A quick google search shows that I must have been under a rock since some time in 2010, when the trumors started after whe wore a strap-on ina performance.)

I'm so used to seeing the Ann Coulter trans rumor out there, though.

It seems like a standard gag that transcends political point of view - and I hear puerile stuff like that from people like Bill Maher, who once started a trans rumor about GW Bush's white house counsel, Harriet Miers. It is especially annoying when otherwise "liberal" types use trans as a joke or an epithet.

As to Eminem (er, Marshall Bruce Mathers III), whose stage name, while apparently derived from his initials, seems to be reminiscent of colorful sugar-coated shocolate, some with peanuts inside, and some now with litle pretzels inside, what's his beef with Stefani Germanotta? Is it that she happens to have talent? It it her interesting fashion sense? Is it her warm heart? Is it that she sometimes transgresses gender boundaries in her act?

Tall Stacey | June 6, 2011 9:48 PM

I think it more than coincidence that "Rap" is 3/4 of the word "Crap".