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Perez Hilton Questions Purpose of GLAAD

Filed By Adam Polaski | June 16, 2011 7:00 AM | comments

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Say what you want about Perez Hilton, but his opinion holds a lot of weight online. That's why his statements in this Big Think video - where he questions the definition of "LGBT media" and challenges the necessity of organizations like GLAAD - matter. GLAAD has more important things to worry about - like a botched cover-up of a mysterious FCC letter, or persistent challenges to the abilities of their president. But when Perez Hilton writes or speaks about something, he's persuading his hundreds of thousands of readers to consider his perspective. And when his perspective is to drop organizations like GLAAD and focus solely on grassroots, individualized action, GLAAD needs to consider that another check in the "lose" column.

Update: This Big Think video was filmed over a year ago. The organization posted the video last month, in May 2011.

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What are we doing wrong? What is Perez Hilton doing right? Why are there countless people on this blog who have interesting things to say -- yet it's Perez Hilton who has the big online following?

I wanted Perez to say something insightful -- but I didn't hear it here.

Life's not fair ... life's not fair ... it's ... just ... not ...fair ...

P.S. I can imagine GLAAD being a worthwhile organization ... but it would be easier to start a new group rather than reform a culturally-entrenched bohemoth like GLAAD.

(When I use the word "culturally" I am referring to GLAAD's corporate culture, not LGBT culture or the general American culture. I imagine that working at GLAAD comes with a shitload of brainwashing.)

While I have huge issues with GLAAD as well (especially J. Barrios) one reason GLAAD is needed is because jerks like Perez Hilton regularly make nasty put down comments about trans people and pretty much make every trans woman (or woman who supposedly looks like a "tranny"... his frequent term) into a big joke.

Even though Hilton made some very vague apologies about his snarky, disrespectful tone towards entire portions of the LGBTQ community around the time all the young people's suicides were happening, I've seen little evidence that he's evolved his level of put down. What's unfortunate is that GLAAD continues to often ignore transphobia expressed by cissexual gay and lesbian people and therefore, fails at stepping forward to take on some of the biggest perpetrators of anti-trans snark and stereotype. So, even though Hilton is one of the perpetrators of what needs to be cleaned up, he's right that GLAAD hasn't been doing the job it should.

Wow, ginasf ... sounds like we can both imagine Perez saying, "GLAAD obviously isn't doing its job very well, because he I am still spewing my usual dose of chicken crap and bullshit!"

With a big sh*t eating grin on his face. :(