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Rep Anthony Weiner Will Resign

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Anthonyweiner.jpegEmbattled Representative Anthony Weiner will resign his office according to Democratic sources. Just about every muckey-muck in the party has called for him to resign now - including President Obama.

First elected to the House in 1998 after his political mentor, then-Rep. Chuck Schumer, decided to run for the Senate, Weiner has been a reliable liberal voice for the solidly Democratic 9th District, encompassing parts of Brooklyn and Queens.
As a politician, Weiner fully embraced social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, using the platforms to unleash his comedic take on life and politics.

It still irritates me that Democrats have called for Weiner's head while they rallied around President Clinton. Clinton actually had sex with someone and lied about it; Weiner did what most of us have done. He sent a sexy picture of himself over the internet and flirted with people he'd only met online.

The Dems kept saying that his scandal was a "distraction" at a time when they were trying to push other issues. Here's a hint to the Democrats then: "Stop talking about it and making news each time another high level party official calls for his resignation!"

It's too late now. Once again, the liberal gets the push overboard while the party watches. You can bet if this was a Blue Dog democrat, they'd have been rallying around him like nobody's business.

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On the one hand, I'm very disappointed. Congressman Weiner was a strong advocate of an inclusive ENDA even in 2007, when only seven Members, including himself and my own Congressman Rush Holt, were willing to refuse to support a non-inclusive version. I feel like our community owes him the kind of support he gave us when we needed it.

On the other hand, his situation has been sucking up all of the mainstream media attention at a time when the Dems should be hammering the GOP on stuff like the Ryan plan as the next election approaches. What may have been best for him isn't best for ensuring that Democrats regain power in the House.

So, while it pains me that he and his strong progressive voice are gone from Congress, avoiding the potential repercussions of his staying on is something I do support.

At the same time, maybe it's finally time for the Dems and Harry Reid specifically to grow some cajones and go after the criminal actions of Diaper David Vitter. In my opinion, it's long overdue. If Weiner has to leave Congress for what he did, Vitter should be right behind him.

Absolutely, Rebecca -- justice is rarely so capriciously meted out as when a Congress-person is involved. The outcomes are very inconsistent, and dodging the bullet often hinges on nebulous, irrelevant aspects, such as his/her charisma or talent at political spin.