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Rep Dannemeyer Thinks AIDS Will Become Airborne

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Among the most vile and virulent of gay-haters from 1979-1993 was Rep. William Dannemeyer from Orange County. On June 29, 1989, he read a statement into the Congressional Record entitled: "What Homosexuals Do:"

"activities peculiar to homosexuality include: Rimming, or one man using his tongue to lick the rectum of another man; golden showers, having one man or men urinate on another man or men; fisting or handballing, which has one man insert his hand and/or part of his arm into another man's rectum; and using what are euphemistically termed 'toys' such as one man inserting dildoes, certain vegetables, or lightbulbs up another man's rectum."

Dannemeyer backed anything antigay, including the ban in HIV-positive immigrants and Lyndon LaRouche's Proposition 64 in 1986 to quarantine people with HIV/AIDS. In 1989, his book Shadow in the Land: Homosexuality in America was distributed by a slew of antigay organizations, including the Traditional Values Coalition, which also distributed the antigay video from which this excerpt is taken:

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In response, Barney Frank had an absolutely genius retort to DanneMeyer, which I will paraphrase from memory:

Representative Dannemeyer has alarmed so many of us by telling us about how some men like to insert a penis into an anus, or a fist into an anus; but what alarms me far worse is how the voters of Orange County, California have managed to insert an anus into the U.S. House of Representatives."

I hope I have done Mr. Frank's quotation justice.

Regardless of how backward this man's thinking is I find it interesting that he had to go back to the middle ages to find a really deadly illness. He seemed to forget the flu outbreak of 1918 just as an example. then again he did not want to scare his over hyped followers to much since the flu could if a virile mutation were to surface like the 1918 version but hey we do have annual flu shots.

Frankly I think he should just go back to his cave and roll a boulder to block the entrance since the Real world scares him so much.