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The Top 5 Music Videos That 'Honor' Women's Butts

Filed By Prince Gomolvilas | June 01, 2011 6:00 PM | comments

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babygotback.jpgSince I have somehow become the default blogger of posts about men's underwear (against my will, I might add!), I thought I would try to regain some credibility around these parts by going in the opposite direction.

So, dear readers, below is a video about women's butts! How about that?! How do you like me now?

In the following clip, Entertainment Weekly's Dalton Ross waxes philosophical (that's the generous term for what he's doing here) about "The Five Least-Subtle Tributes to Women's Derrieres," featuring music videos that honor the female ass. While Sir Mix-a-Lot's #1 hit single, "Baby Got Back," is an obvious pick, there are plenty of others meant to boost booty pride. Watch:

And, yes, Dalton Ross is hot. However, after some expert Internet stalking (you're looking at the best!), I discovered that he's married with kids. Thanks, Mr. Ross, for yet another dagger through my heart.

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So the lesbians/bi/queer women at TBP really need to know the perspective of a male/straight/white/married and w/children mainstream entertainment writer consideration of the "Top 5" booty songs?

Like we couldn't get that perspective anywhere else, on any given day from a million different sources?

I'm all for female empowerment... especially body and sexual empowerment. But what a wonderful and exciting experience it would be to actually read something from a lesbian/bi woman about it for a change.

I'm not picking on you Prince. I really am not. You posted this under the best of intentions... but "intentions" are not making actual lesbian and bi women visible or an actual voice.

Maybe I missed the part where he said his intention was specifically to provide a voice for bi and lesbian women with his post. Here I thought his intention was to post about women's butts in music. Hm.

Or maybe by posting this he robbed bi and lesbian women of the opportunity? I mean, that's 1 megabyte of the Internet we'll never get back.

"Or maybe by posting this he robbed bi and lesbian women of the opportunity?"

Luminum, I already addressed to Prince Gomolvilas that I acknowledged his good intentions in his attempt here at TBP of female visibility outside of "posts about men's underwear". The OP could have had some type of perspective coming from a personnel opinion from him directly. That would actually have been valid and interesting.

A Top 5 list that "honors" female booty from a male/straight/white/married and w/children mainstream media writer... who happens to be "hot", is not making ANYTHING MORE but the continued hetero pieces, honored.

What's really being "honored" in the OP?

1st Clue:
It's not Women's Butts.

Om Kalthoum | June 1, 2011 11:14 PM

Let me get this straight. You've got a male posting a video by another male who rates various videos (all by more males) talking in not the nicest way about us, the sex class. Or, more precisely, (and no surprise here) we've got men evaluating the fuckability of women's asses.

Buy a clue, buddy. And knock it off. Go back to doing whatever it was you were doing before. Try to leave women out of it if this is the shit you come up with.

None of these "hits" are as universally known as the Black-Eyed Peas ultimate ode to the female form, "My Humps" ... and to miss that, what planet is Dalton Ross living on?

And talkin' 'bout the junk yo' haulin' 'round in yo' trunk ... LL Cool J has got to be responsible for about 50% of the "latent" homoeroticism that permeates the videos of the Hip-Hop genre. In addition to his count-my-sixpacks-and-die upper torso, he's also got some really hunky junk in his trunk!

When I die, please, please, please, skin my tongue, tan it, and appliqué it onto LL Cool J's motorcycle seat.

It's interesting to me that the women usually complain when Prince or I put up a sexy male post that we don't post sexy female pics too. I usually respond that one of our lesbian or bi contributors would be best suited to that type of post. Yet, the resounding response back is almost always, "You know, you don't have to be female to..."

But in this case, Prince is getting crap for being a gay guy posting about women's butts. While it's not sexy, it's meant to be frivolous. So why the uproar now when on the other threads it would have been the exact opposite?

"uproar" ??

Seriously??? An "uproar" in a single comment?

I've seen HUNDREDS of posts here at TBP w/accumulated THOUSANDS of comments that would be deemed as an "uproar".

Let me make this perfectly CLEAR:
This is NOT an "uproar".

Just a lone dyke.

I don't give a rats shit it you put up a "sexy male post".

But the OP wasn't about a "sexy male post"... it was about women's ass from a straight mans perspective.... who happens to be "hot".

I know you don't "get it"... LOT'S of lesbians know you don't "get it". Doesn't make you a "bad guy"... but just another guy.

LOL - This is what I get for commenting while still slurping coffee. Maybe I just consider you a force to be reckoned with, Dieks. :)

Om Kalthoum | June 2, 2011 11:18 AM

"It's interesting to me that the women usually complain when Prince or I put up a sexy male post that we don't post sexy female pics too.

I almost stopped reading after "the women" (not, "some women,", not, "a couple of women," not, "some dyke,"; "the women," like "the gayz." lol). Anyway, could you point out one or two of these posts where "the women" requested that you or other men post "sexy female pics?" Surely, you understand that that is not what anyone was requesting.

I'm willing to leave the discussion for later about how photos of naked men, or Prince's photo of hunky, fit guys in underwear is equivalent to the essential degradation of women by men in the videos. Thanks.

Good point, Om. "some women" would have been a much better word choice there, wouldn't it?

I'll dig up some of the older posts when I get a second. I know Tobi Hill-Meyer ended up posting a trans porn movie post to give readers what they were asking for.

Thanks for a funny, light-hearted post. I was laughing until I started reading comments. Some people are so serious.

Wow, I woke up to find this comments thread, which further proves my previous assertion that I have no idea which posts will set readers off. Surely, not this one, I thought. Surely, they know that Dalton Ross is speaking with tongue firmly in cheek. Surely, they notice my use of quotes around "honor" in my title. Surely, they get that almost every sentence in my post is dripping with irony.


You can use it 4TIMES and nothing is "surely".

I don't speak for Asian/gay/men. It would never EVEN occur to me to speak for Asian/gay/men.... It's not my experience/life. No matter how "hot" the original link is.

Dalton can hold his tongue in cheek till the cows come home.
But the milk comes from titts.