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Weiner Admits It Was His Junk In Twitter Scandal

Filed By Bil Browning | June 06, 2011 5:15 PM | comments

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Oy. Fucking. Vey. Representative Anthony Weiner has now admitted IMG00134-20101106-01261.jpgthat he did send a picture of his junk via Twitter last week after a conservative website dug up other incriminating photos of the Congressman.

Weiner, a New York Democrat, said he is not resigning his seat, nor is he planning on separating from his wife. But he said he took responsibility for his actions -- both the relationships and for lying about sending photos.

"I have made terrible mistakes," Weiner told reporters. "I have not been honest with myself or my family... I should not have done this, and I should not have done this particularly when I was married.

Rep Weiner also apologized to blogger Andrew Breitbart for suggesting that Breitbart had hacked his Twitter account to send a fake photo. Breitbart published other photos today that Weiner had sent to other female fans online via Facebook and e-mail and threatened to release an X-rated version if the Congressman didn't fess up.

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He's actually my Congressman. I was originally planning to vote for him in the next election because he's been such a big advocate for working people and GLBT people.

Now, I'm going to vote for him out of spite.

Enough whining about the weiner Weiner.

I feel sorry for his wife. :(

Jay Kallio | June 6, 2011 6:35 PM

Congressman Weiner has just severely compromised his political capital and future contributions as a leader, which is tremendously disappointing. I know nothing of his relationship with his wife or family, or whether this was a consensual arrangement between them, so I will not comment on any aspect of which I know nothing. I can comment as a past supporter that when electeds basically throw away their political power after so many have donated, labored, and made personal sacrifices to get them elected that it is a betrayal of that relationship to have accepted all that investment from others and then thrown it away.

Anthony Weiner was one of a tiny minority of electeds who always refused to back down on health care reform issues so vital to the health and survival of all, and he always championed single payer/Medicare for All, which is my personal main cause in life. He has always shown up at our Physicians for a National Health Program conferences and events to help strategize and promote real health care reform, so I am particularly disappointed by this turn of events.

That he tried to blame Breitbart is another ugly twist to this. Trying to shift blame onto someone else less powerful and less able to defend himself is ugly. Then Weiner's comment that he "thinks they were all of legal age" adds another dimension of irresponsibility for his actions that forbodes more revelations to come.

I find this a very sad day. When someone runs for public office they take on a complex web of responsibilities to others, especially to their poorest, least empowered constituents, who will be at the mercy of their ability to protect and advocate for them. Their fate hinges on what the representative can accomplish on their behalf. It is such a let down when their power is then compromised so they are rendered ineffectual.

To me, this is not about sex, it is about the contract of trust between an elected official and the supporters they take from, and while I have no judgments about anyone's sexuality as long as it is mutually consensual and does not betray commitments, the commitment to public office confers greater responsibilities, including to transparency and honesty with the public. He knew what the political consequences of his actions might be and he blew it, big time. Conformity to societies' codes of conduct comes with the territory for an elected official, whether anyone believes in them or not, and Weiner has always understood that. He just disregarded the danger, at the expense of others.

To me it is like, if you are going to accept the job of airline pilot, or bus driver, you accept constraints on your behavior, such as not getting drunk on the job, because other people's lives depend on your full function. For politicians it is part of the job description that you do not compromise your efficacy by sending photos of your junk to young girls of unknown age online.

He was supposed to appear at a health care event on how health care reform affects the LGBTQ community at Queens Pride House tonight. I don't think I can bear to see him now. Too pissed off.

Crap. Although I have to admit, the way he stumbled around his excuses with Rachel Maddow wasn't very reassuring at the time.

Needless to say, I am terribly disappointed in Congressman Weiner. He really should consider falling on his sword (not literally, and not exactly figuratively) and resigning from office. Perhaps after spending some time repairing his personal life and reflecting on his actions, he might some day again be worthy of the public trust. His pathetic attempts at a coverup are actually worse than the offenses themselves. There are others out there in his district who can do as good a job without the taint and the hubris that led to it.

I much prefer to have Republicans be the ones having scandals. It annoys me to no end to have to deal with the Anthony Weiners, Eliot Spitzers and even the Bill Clintons. It is *much* more satisfying to see a Republican in disgrace than a fellow Democrat. In my own locale, we have had a Democratic mayor (and former State Assemblymember) have to resign after being convicted of spousal abuse while in office.

Politicians have to learn that they *must* remember that they are best to be like Caesar's wife, and beyond reproach, rather than like Caesar.