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California Approves NARTH to Give Education Credits To Therapists

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Just as the media is widely reporting on the Truth Wins Out investigation that exposed Marcus Bachmann's "ex-gay" therapy, comes word that the State of California has approved the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) to give continuing education credits to therapists and psychologists as part of their licensing requirements.

Karen Ocamb of LGBTPOV reports that Katie Doyon, a school psychologist and licensed educational psychologist in California, has discovered that the California Board of Behavioral Sciences is listing NARTH as an accredited provider of continuing education credits for California therapists and psychologists.

Ms. Doyon said: "One would think that the board that develops and conducts this test would follow the same set of ethics on which they are testing us."

According to the story posted on LGBTPOV,

NARTH is number 1240 on the BBS list of acceptable continuing education providers. Sadly, NARTH advocates conversion therapy for homosexuals and perpetuates the myth that homosexuality is a choice. They market themselves as "a professional, scientific organization that offers hope to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality" which serves to "disseminate educational information, conduct and collect scientific research, promote effective therapeutic treatment, and provide referrals to those who seek our assistance."

The story was originally posted on Towleroad without attribution, prompting a letter writing campaign at Change.org "to request the removal of NARTH from the list of accredited providers." Click here to sign the petition.

Photo courtesy Katie Doyon via (LGBTPOV)

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Number 1240 on a long list. This may either be an oversight by the regulatory agency, or an intentional addition by a Christianist employee of the agency. It should be brought to the attention of the Board to take appropriate action to decertify the provider.(BTW, the link appears to be broken . . .

I found the article at:


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