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Cheap Gay Jokes & Marcus Bachmann

Filed By Bil Browning | July 14, 2011 10:00 AM | comments

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While I love Second City and I despise the Bachmanns, I'm not so sure how I feel about using Marcus's sexuality as the butt of the joke. Sure he's a rightwing asshole and, quite possibly, an "ex-gay" closet case, but do we have to go for the cheap gay jokes - including hot pants?

After the jump, Jerry Seinfeld stopped by the Daily Show last night to chastise Jon Stewart for going straight (pardon the pun) for the gay joke.

What do you think? Is it a topic worthy of discussion? Or are we only making fun of ourselves?

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Yeah, it's been bothering me, too....

Jaime Dunaway Jaime Dunaway | July 14, 2011 10:28 AM

I'm sure this sort of thing sets a wonderful example for all those anti-bullying campaigns.

I've never understood the need to do that, if there is nothing wrong with being gay, then why would you ever want to use it to insult anyone? I've dropped friends over that sort of thing as well as using transphobic slurs to insult women.

Om Kalthoum | July 14, 2011 10:39 AM

"And I'm so glad to be here where Napoleon met his final defeat." I'm glad I stuck around for the end. That was funny.

As far as the focus of the bit goes, how can we justify all of our remarks calling gayface on Marcus and then object when someone (presumably) outside the community takes the next step and does a piece like this?

Jaime Dunaway Jaime Dunaway | July 14, 2011 10:45 AM

I consider it worse when gay people do it.

When I first saw Marcus Bachmann on the news here in Sweden, my gaydar overloaded. It has not functioned correctly since.

When dealing with people like the Bachmanns, there is no point in being nice. You have to get brutal and go for the jugular with every attack.

If you try to play nice with people like the Bachmanns, they will see you as an easy target and start to behave in a manner similar to kenneth Zucker and run right over you, then reverse over you to make sure you are finished of.

That is the reality of religious extremists. They have to be faced down directly and to there face.

He is a hypocrite and/or actively works to hurt gay people. That makes him fair game

Jaime Dunaway Jaime Dunaway | July 14, 2011 1:09 PM

But doesn't using gay taunts and such make the gay people doing such hypocritical themselves? Throwing hate back at those who hate usually just causes them to entrench themselves further along with their followers.

Frankly, I don't see any point to pointing fingers at Marcus Bachmann or any other professional homophobe and calling them closet cases or the like. First off, who cares? The point is, he's a liar and a quack, and who gives a flip about his sexual orientation? It's easy enough to nail him on the lies and quackery, and that's where the argument belongs.

And, as a couple of people pointed out above, what does that say about our own self-respect, that we see calling someone gay as an insult?

You know what would be nice Bil if there was more stories like the one by Tobi yesterday about the WBW shirts. I think it's way wrong to be pointing the finger at religious conservatives when most if not all the ammo they use against LGBT and TS people comes from LGBT and TS people. I'm sorry if people see this as opening up a can of worms or thinking that it is trying to start an in fight but it really is pretty hypocritical to be claiming to be for equality yet creating the language and environment used to create inequality by others. Even more hypocritical I think is just pointing at those who use the language but never doing anything really substantial against those amongst us that you could say help them more than they do any of us.Thinking about this makes me realize there are contributors here that have made statements that were equally bad as what Brandi and the other person who got thrown off here said. Putting an end to religious intolerance begins with putting an end to intolerance within the LGBT and TS communities both inside and outside the LGBT. I've asked for it before and I'll ask for it again a public statement that not all Transsexuals are members of the LGBT or are to be called LGBT by the LGBT or anyone outside of it. By public statement I mean by an organization such as GLAAD who claims to be against defaming people yet denies people like myself exist outside the LGBT.This isn't about hating Transgender people this is about calling on those in the LGBT to acknowledge my existence and support my quest to fit into the larger mainstream society as a heterosexual woman.Instead of fighting Transsexuals like me put us in front of women and men like the Bachmans as their equals. Let them know we are men and women just like they are and that we have every right to claim our place in society as men and women as they do.Part of what I'm asking for will help to relieve TS identified people feeling the need to distance themselves from the LGBT and the other part will help the LGBT by not giving those TS's that say harmful things a reason or need to. Respect is a two way street.

jami_bantry jami_bantry | July 15, 2011 3:09 AM

@ Jaime, Lisa & Hunter,

I agree. There is a need to stop supplying ammo to all those, who they deem as "sub-humans," assisting them in their goal to make their defined "sub-humans" to not exist.

IMHO, mocking others, belonging to that "privileged" world, actually abets their cause. "We" become "them", in the process (sans the "privilege").

Addressing the issues, rather than the person(s), IMHO, is a better tactic.

Those, who want to see all their "sub-humans" to not exist, can just sit back in their easy chairs, open another beer or drink another glass of wine, and say to each other... "We don't have to do a freaking thing. They are doing it all to themselves."

And, we do... everyday.

"We have met the enemy... and he is us."


Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | July 14, 2011 6:40 PM

Larry Craig reacting to the suggestions as to Marcus Bauchman, scoffed at the idea, insisting that he had never met him at the Minneapolis airport.