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Comment of the Week: Butch Peaston on Romney's Refusal

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Comment of the WeekOn Bil's post "Romney Rejects Anti-Gay 'Pledge,", wherein Bil details Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's refusal, as "undignified," to sign an anti-gay pledge already signed by other Presidential hopefuls, Projector Butch Peaston is not ready to let Mr. Romney off the hook:

"Romney, while Gov. of Massachusetts, used a antiquated and hateful 1913 "RACISTS" law, originally intended to stop interracial marriages, to prevent many out of state gay couples from being able to marry in Massachusetts,(if it would be illegal for them to marry in their home state as WAS the case with interracial couples seeking marriage back when the law was conceived in 1913). This man is a disgusting asshole and I would not give him the time of day. We must never forget the scumbags (Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, George Bush, just to name a few) who have deliberately and purposefully stood in the way of the equal rights for LGBT individuals! Romney is near the top of that list! [I also will not forgive him for putting his poor Golden Retriever in a crate on TOP of the families station wagon when they moved to Massachusetts - he later had to spray the dog and crate which was covered with crap because this poor animal lost his bowels from the TERROR of being up there! Such cruelty is a bad sign in any human being]!

What say you, Projectors? Is Mitt Romney deserving of a pat on the back for his refusal to sign?

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Something that a lot of people either forgot about or missed about the anti gay marriage pledge was the Iowa GOP platform. The platform called for the repeal and replacement of the 13th amendment the one that ended slavery. I would not be surprised if Family Leader members took part in writing the GOP Platform. Both Alex Blaze and Joe Mirabella wrote about the platform here on Bilerico so a quick search of the site will let you find their articles. I've recently noticed that the Iowa GOP has pulled the Platform off the web I haven't been able to access it anymore. I do have bit's and pieces of it saved on my computer should anyone be interested.

I agree with Butch. Let's look at his past actions. Signing or not signing a pledge is a form of speech to me. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum are so far to the right, they're in outer space. Setting them as the bar of expectations for how Republican candidates should act drags the conversation too far right. Who would be further right? Someone who wants gay people executed (I almost typed "wants sodomy laws back," but I'm sure Santorum and Bachmann do)?

Here's what I expect: To be treated like a human being. To not have my sex life or relationships (not just romantic) questioned or used as proof of deviancy for all LBG people. Acknowledgment of my existence as a gay person and as someone larger than that. To not be treated like my life is a threat to the country. Republicans who can treat the LGB population with that kind of respect can get the time of day, but I need more than just words; there must be action. Not signing a pledge is like not having committed a hate crime or something else along those lines as common decency, in my opinion.

Romney's a politician, with perhaps a longer view than either Bachmann or Santorum. Frankly, that pledge is toxic at this point, and Romney's one to sail with the wind -- Bachmann and Santorum are the only two candidates to sign it -- the others have said no in no uncertain terms (except Gingrich, who wants to rewrite it). It might get them a leg up in the Iowa primary, but it's going to be an albatross pretty much anywhere else.

Does Romney get points? Why? He's just being Romney.

There is not a single occupant of the GOP Clown Car who has the necessary qualifications to be President, other than being a born American citizen and over the age of 35. Romney may be slightly less toxic than Bachmann, but the variation among this field is only very slight.

As stated, he used the 1913 Jim Crow law to prevent out of state gays from marrying in Massachusetts. However, there are no Republican candidates that I could vote for.

Thanks for choosing my post. I was a activist during the 1980s and 1990s and saw a lot of the crap that people are trying to "back Peddle" of these days. I wanted to add that although most LGBT individual seem to love Bill Clinton (and I certainly did love both him and Hillary) Bill Clinton was the president who signed DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) into law. He did not like it at the time but decided to sign it since his veto would have been overridden by the congress. Well, that still stinks!DOMA was the most prejudicial law enacted in the last 100 years. He COULD have veto it, even if it would have been overridden. So what? his veto would have gone a long way to help the LGBT community in believing he was our "friend"! I still won't put him in the same category as Romney or Pat Robertson, but he was still was a coward to not veto that hateful bill (and it should not be forgotten)!

Is Mitt Romney deserving of a pat on the back for his refusal to sign?

How far down on his back, and how hard, am I allowed to "pat"?

Might I use my foot?