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I Could Never Do This

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I'm terrified of heights and I've only gone to an amusement park a couple of times. Just watching this video from the front car of the new Japanese Takabisha roller coaster almost makes me lose my cookies. I can't imagine riding it. You into roller coasters? (Hat tip to OMGblog)

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I love roller coasters, but I was in my 40's before I got over my wimpishness about them, so I need to make up for lost time!

Here is my favorite roller coaster that is within driving distance of Indy. It is the "Steel Hawg" at Indiana Beach near Montecello, Indiana, which is maybe 40 miles northeast of Lafayette. When I first saw Steel Hawg from the ground, I thought I'd never ride it. But I thought about it, and the next time I went to Indiana Beach I knew my trip would feel like a failure if I didn't find the courage to ride Steel Hawg. So I white-knuckled through the anticipation, telling myself, "This won't be scary, it will be fun!" ... and I was right! It was a blast, and I was sorry when it was over. There was not a big crowd that day, so my friend and I rode Steel Hawg four times in a row, and then I felt like I had totally "mastered" it! Now, I'd never visit Indiana Beach again without riding Steel Hawg! [= Here's a POV video. =]

The ride I want to ride someday before I get too old is "Dragster Top Thrill" at Cedar Point, Ohio. It is an accelerator coaster, meaning you are shot up to high speed very quickly by a massive hydraulic system. Then you are shot straight up about 400 feet and then do a 270-degree twist as you come down. [= Here's a POV video of Dragster. =] There is also a Wikipedia entry (look it up). I had several opportunities to ride [= Viper at Six Flags Magic Mountain =], about 20 miles north of Los Angeles, but I was too chicken at that time in my life, and I really regret that now. Maybe I'll still get to go someday.