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Indiana Accidentally Repeals Family Services Agency

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After spending a legislative session trying to destroy unions and successfully defunding Planned Parenthood, Indiana lawmakers have discovered they've caused quite a few unintentional problems too. IndianaState democrats fled the state after Republicans announced they would seek to destroy the middle and lower class and when they finally came back to work, the Republicans stepped on the gas in a rush to pass as many bills as possible before the session expired.

One of the unintended consequences was that they repealed the Family & Social Services Administration. Governor Mitch Daniels has signed an executive order to maintain the agency.

"It apparently was repealed as of June 30 in a drafting error," said Jane Jankowski, spokesman for the governor.

The Family and Social Services Administration manages Medicaid and other major programs for Indiana's poor, elderly and disabled.

Senate staffers brought the error to Daniels' attention Thursday, and he quickly signed an executive order continuing the agency and its duties. Executive orders were used to establish and run the agency in prior decades before it was put into law, Jankowski said.

The executive order will hold until legislators can fix the mistake or the governor can issue an annual order.

Though possibly the most extreme example, it's not the first time this year that legislation from the 2011 session was found to be flawed.

The Legislative Services Agency, a nonpartisan agency tasked with reviewing legislation discovered that bills that will need "tweaked" include one establishing wage rates for public construction projects, one allowing convicted felons to get their record sealed, and numerous education initiatives. Federal judges have also issued injunctions against enforcing recently passed immigration and abortion legislation.

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I feel sorry for the people of Indiana. However--clearly a majority of them voted these jokers in...

It wasn't a "clear majority" that voted them in, Sher... it was the "clear majority" that stayed home and did NOT vote that let them get in office. I sincerely hope that we've learned our lesson, as well as the rest of the nation. VOTE PEOPLE! A 37% (I think that was the national average they won by, if I remember correctly) vote is NOT a mandate from the people... it's laziness on the part of the voters!

Woops! Those legislators need to go back to legislating school.