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Mel Gibson Defended by Gay Brother

Filed By Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | July 11, 2011 2:00 PM | comments

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Mel_Gibson_Cannes_2011_-_2.jpgSalon.com says there is at least one person in the world still willing to defend Mel Gibson, "Andrew Gibson, his gay, adopted brother."

"After all, how do you explain that infamous 1991 interview, when Mel whined to Spanish newspaper 'El Paris' that he didn't know why gay people love him since he didn't talk, move, or act like a homosexual? (This was the same piece where he told the interviewer that he didn't like to 'take it up the arse' before bending over and pointing to his butt, exclaiming, 'This is only for taking a shit.')"

Ah Mel. The piece details Mel Gibson's crazy rants against gays, Jews and others he doesn't particularly care for.

But Andrew Gibson is steadfast: "He never meant to upset anyone."

I suppose everyone has to have at least one person to defend them. Usually, that's their mother, but I suppose a brother is almost as good.


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Have you considered that comments made 20 years ago might not be indicative of his current beliefs? Have none of your beliefs changed in the past 20 years?

Good point, Timothy. It's time enough to change your thoughts, and time enough to set the record straight. Time for Mr. Mel to say something to show he's changed his bigoted ways.

Agreed. Since he's still going on homophobic, racist and xenophobic rants, I'm guessing he's not changed one whit.

Is this situation that difficult to figure out? ... If YOU had a close relative worth somewhere between $300M and $1B and one of the most famous actors/directors/producers in Hollywood, wouldn't you want to stay on his good side?

After all, Andrew Gibson falls short of being an [=oxyhomo=] -- maybe we might refer to this "gay-Uncle-Tom-ism" phenomenon more specifically as "Mary Chaney Syndrome" ...