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Michael Musto Hails Trans Themed Film

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harmonySantanaGunHillRoad.jpgGun Hill Road is a film opening shortly in New York and Los Angeles. It has a trans theme as the main story. Apparently it rocked at some recent film festivals. The trailer suggests a deeply riveting film:

Michael Musto saw it and loved it. Here's what he had to say:


Rashaad Ernesto Green's absorbing Gun Hill Road has Esai Morales as an ex-con returning to the Bronx to find his son (Harmony Santana) is now a burgeoning transsexual who uses the girl's room at school.

After the screening at Newfest last night, Green said he discovered the affecting Santana when he saw her working an AIDS prevention booth at the Queens Pride Parade.

Said the writer/director:

"She was at the beginning of her transition and it wasn't visible...On the set, she developed confidence and started to come dressed like a woman. The transition you see in the movie was happening in her own life at the same time."

At the event last night, Santana didn't want to speak at first, shyly pushing the mic away.

But later, she told the crowd, "I didn't realize how big this was until I saw the trailer. I cried! I'm proud and I love ths film."


Looks like those of you in NY and LA ought to be getting your tickets now. I suspect it's going to be sold out. The film's website is here.


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"The transition you see in the movie was happening in her own life at the same time."

Wow! I was in tears halfway through the trailer. You can request screenings in your area at--


Pardon my curiosity, this film has been getting a lot of positive publicity for the past 4-5 months and reviewed by many major publications. So why is what Michael Musto says about it worth a thread? I don't consider Musto much of a trans ally... he's actually been very snarky and condescending about the trans community not wanting to be conflated with drag queens and has been a jerk about not using terms like "tranny." So why is this news?

Musto not only isn't a trans ally, but he has actually gone on MSNBC making disgusting transphobic jokes. Perhaps he's finally feeling the backlash. In my opinion, the 80's are long over, and so are he and his antiquated worldview.

And it's important that there are characters played by well-respected character actors from NYPD Blue, Scrubs and The Wire as well.

Of course, we could have done without the seemingly requisite "trans woman getting dressed" scene, as if we don't know how women get dressed without seeing it on film.